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High wood (Old article)
Posted 7 years ago by

Lets Philosofize, shall we?
The necessity of wood has decreased over time. The first houses were produced in the first month and by the end of 3-4 month (90-120 days passed) many strong players already had a house. Nowadays, basicly every player strength level above 1000 has a q5 house. So who will be consumers?

What is the problem here? Well the biggest problem here is that the more houses you make, the less they are needed because they are infinitive.

High wood regions are not very profitable and the new and the old countries that have high wood region wishes that they had High grain,diamon or iron region. Even stone is way better because you get a 25% bonus creating DS and those DS collapses during battles, meaning the demand for stone, DS and even HIGH region is constant.

What I propose?

First of all, ideas to change and transform, basicly useless region into useful and needed everyday territory, are very welcome. I would like to see what community has to say. Maybe what I think is not such a big problem and will not be changed. Otherwise, please do not hesitate. If Lithuania had this high region as their core, I do not think it would have companies worth 40k gold like Samogitia. Other countries are suffering from low income due to this region. I imagine new countries like Belgium thinking, please not high wood, please not high wood,

now we will not catch any foreign investments and national org will suffer from low revenue.
Also, lets not forget old stayers like Iran, Serbia and Spain. Imagine how much their regions would be worth if they had grain, diamond or iron region? Probably 20k gold per region, not less.

The main thing, that should be done is that houses must have a durability. They should be destroyed and rebought or repaired,renewed for money, so that demand would not go down over time. For example, q1 house lasts 1-2 months. Then you can renew it for small sum of money, lets say 1g. q2 for 2g, q3 for 3g, q4 for 4g, q5 for 5g.

Another suggestion could be products of wood. Add new product (what new product? Dont get me wrong, its hypothetical. Well right now i can not think of anything ) based on this resourse.
Make even second new product based on wood and even stone.

Thanks for reading, do not forget to leave a reply, constructive criticism is accepted.
Otherwise, have a nice day

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Comments (17)
19-05-2012 12:49:37
(7 years ago)

I offered one SOLUTION Please vote.

Vyygis, very good point...

18-05-2012 21:07:11
(7 years ago)


the game is pointless for countried with high wood or stone

18-05-2012 16:28:28
(7 years ago)

well problem is that stone is used for 2 products and wood only for one

18-05-2012 2:18:59
(7 years ago)

everyone read this read this

17-05-2012 22:29:31
(7 years ago)

In real life Iran has one of most valuable resource of oil and stone in the world but here everything is mistake

17-05-2012 19:55:15
(7 years ago)

make use of medium region also better. now i din see any advantage from medium region

17-05-2012 17:22:31
(7 years ago)

nice article ttrue
some change would be good ofc
big disadvantage for countries owning wood
all agree on that

17-05-2012 16:29:08
(7 years ago)

i have another suggest admin must divide resource in 2 group
1- iron grain diamond
2- wood stone oil
then each country have 2 high resource no medium resource one from group 1 and another from group 2 this made game more fair
country like iran have 2 resource from group 2 now and worse the wood is high and it made our economy worse i want say one thing please do some thing for that
and about you idea about house duration i think its not good becuse we paid high price for house and if must pay it every month it made house no important and no body can pay this cost every month

17-05-2012 14:14:43
(7 years ago)

As for new industries I saw proposal to make paper industry which would use wood as raw, paper would be used for newspapers and contracts

Wow this thing is really worth implementing! Did anyone propose this on forum?
I think we would gather money fast for such an update

17-05-2012 14:02:09
(7 years ago)

If u want durability go to erep and you u will have it

17-05-2012 13:45:29
(7 years ago)

8lvl +

17-05-2012 13:40:08
(7 years ago)

if u have iron grain or diamond high region u should fight during whole e-sim history, if u have wood u sit back relax and enjoy , e.g : Iran

17-05-2012 13:35:20
(7 years ago)


v+s back

17-05-2012 13:29:23
(7 years ago)

As for new industries I saw proposal to make paper industry which would use wood as raw, paper would be used for newspapers and contracts

Thats a wonderful idea. I never thought of that before.

17-05-2012 13:26:26
(7 years ago)

No repair just add durability of houses that should solve problem but I'm not for time limit durability of houses it would be better to add button let's say "use house" and you can use house once a day and limit of house should be 30 uses or something like that.Bad thing is that aside from Q5 houses there isn't any real use of lower quality houses it's similar to tickets most players use Q1 or Q5.

As for new industries I saw proposal to make paper industry which would use wood as raw, paper would be used for newspapers and contracts

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