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[MoFA]News and Stats (Old article)
Posted 7 years ago by
United Kingdom Org    

MoFA - Solymir
Deputy MoFA - GaryTC

This is our 2nd article on this series as I stated in the first article we will cover over what has happened in the past week and will indulge in countries statistics.

SiRi has recently found it funny to start resistance wars which don’t benefit the UK or Ireland. The funny thing is it didn’t harm either of us and he’s wasting his monies.

The congress elections occurred on the 25th of April and they went smoothly as can be so thank you Citizens of the UK. The CP elections are coming up and none other than our very own Solymir is running. If he gets the job he’ll do a fantastic job we’re sure of it.

VETO is finally dead with France, Switzerland and Finland leaving. Most people probably already know this though as it’s basically been none existence for a week or so. A resistance has also started in CEC and we’re rooting for the Americans so if they’re in need of assistance you’ll probably be called into help out. I doubt this will happen though as they’re really organised military wise.

Another funny moment in the e-sim world was when Portugal got beaten by little ol’ Ireland. Portugal were recently involved in the “Race for Shannon” (which they lost) but had been in control of Cork and Kerry.
Now Ireland have Portugal on the back foot, having conquered the Azores (Portugal’s High Diamonds region) and are looking like they could win their next battle which is controlling Algarve and I’m sure the Irish will. Even though they’re small, they pack a punch.

Below are the statistics, just right click on the image and click view image and it will come up clearer.

Some major notable information from the stats is that -
- Poland are high flying atm, taking 1st in all 3 categories. Citizen wise they’re 3325 citizens ahead of the 2nd leading country which is Greece. Sweden lost 343 citizens, which is the most out of every other country.
- Malaysia gained the most places moving from 46th to 35th in Citizens. An incredible 11 places moved. Russia lost the most places moving from 7th to 16th.

If you would like a job in the MoFA then please apply to Solymir .

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