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Market Statistics - Day 190 (Old article)
Posted 7 years ago by

Statistics Sweden is the Swedish government agency responsible for producing official statistics in Sweden.
We have now branched out into the world of e-Sim. Through our articles we will be presenting interesting statistics from the world of e-Sim.

This first article covers the current Product Market Prices - they do vary a lot from country to country and for easier comparison all values have been calculated into GOLD according to the current Monetary Market prices.

* Based on market prices on day 190. I have highlighted the prices equal to, or close to the #strade "Black Market" prices.
** Swedens numbers are not included as we do not control any regions at the moment and therefore cannot make use of our market.

Traders, especially those running their own weapon factory, would jump at the chance of buying iron at 0,0036g (found in Switzerland), or 0,0044g (found in Poland). At the same time Iron prices in the Netherlands of 0,0125g each are close to three times the ones found in Poland. This shows, in numbers, the imbalance found in the current Product Market compared to for example the #strade "Black Market" prices on IRC where the prices are more even and do not fluctuate as much.

However, even if the general rule is that #strade in most cases is cheaper, it is shown through these statistics that this is not always the case.

Always think twice before buying things on #strade, is it actually cheaper than the current white market prices?

Kind regards
Editor-in-chief and Analyst at SCB Magazine

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Comments (16)
15-03-2012 23:10:21
(7 years ago)


15-03-2012 20:28:12
(7 years ago)

wtb q5 weapons pm me
Ps: voted !

15-03-2012 19:38:01
(7 years ago)


Subba tillbaka http://e-sim.org/newspaper.html?id=3362

15-03-2012 10:43:52
(7 years ago)

Product Market Prices

15-03-2012 4:33:27
(7 years ago)


sub back

14-03-2012 23:09:52
(7 years ago)

Trop bon ! Merci

14-03-2012 23:02:49
(7 years ago)

Acsaram I believe you are right. This article is simply to illustrate, and show that black market might not always be the best choice. There are deals to be made on the regular product markets aswell.

14-03-2012 23:00:39
(7 years ago)

Very good... but i think all cheap offers are buyed now LOL

14-03-2012 22:42:32
(7 years ago)

V+S nice statics

14-03-2012 18:18:59
(7 years ago)

Very nice article!
You've got my Vote and Sub.


14-03-2012 17:27:45
(7 years ago)

Riktigt bra initiativ!
*klappar på axeln*

14-03-2012 16:17:32
(7 years ago)


14-03-2012 15:40:52
(7 years ago)

very good! v+s

14-03-2012 8:40:30
(7 years ago)

Det var en miss, korrigerar.

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