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Looking for reseller/end user customers (Old article)
Posted 7 years ago by
AmiL HamjA AbubakaR    

If you are an active person and want to earn some gold with a minimum investment I can give you a good oportunity.

I look for regular reseller for my products. What should you do for being a re-seller?
Take products cheap from me and selling high on market.
I offer a commission of 5-7% of selling price (taxes are not included). Considering that selling of 30 gold/day should be really easy you can earn at least 1.5 gold/day with just few clicks.
The products I give for reselling are: Q5 food/gifts/weapons and Q1 weapons. Of course if there is requested we can expand the list.

If you just want to buy for yourself,as a customer , I can offer products at prices without VAT. Every transaction will be made through contracts.

If you are interested by this offer just message me with what you need.

Best regards

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