Esim - The Continued Chronicles - Sigma and The Grand Fortress [Day 119]

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The Continued Chronicles - Sigma and The Grand Fortress [Day 119] (Statistics)
Posted 1 year ago by

Welcome again, to another one of my Chronicles. It’s time to document and save Sigma for the archives, as it has arrived to the end of its lifespan.

Most of the article was written early, but the final stats were taken at 23:30 on Day 119.

Let's begin.


The Republic of Macedonia

This is North Macedonia's first ever win, joining most of its Balkan brethren to finally win a full server. out of the Balkan nations, Albania and Montenegro lack a win now.
Updated Winner’s Maps:

Last time I forgot Croatia, so now they’re here again.

We can continue on with this!
well while North Macedonia technically did a world wipe, they left South America and Scandinavia to exist. Soo..

1st -
Republic of Macedonia [558]
2nd -
Brazil [67]
3rd -
Finland [17]
4th -
Cambodia [12]
5th -
Who tf knows how many countries are in this zone, probably 13 idk [1]

Fast Map:

Slow Map:

This is yet another server that was so overwhelmingly dominated, everyone just gave up by Month 1. The sheer power of MKD was too much, not even the entire server combined could have stood up to it, no matter how hard they tried.

So this server is the last one that features Country wide bonuses, and is the reason of the title – Sigma has effectively become a Grand Fortress for all the temporary server records to stay. Everyone who stayed with the winning crew collectively decided to break all the possible records, and make the final week a complete nukefest.
The winning crew in MKD came with a simple goal – conquer em all. And while they ended up getting some allies in the process, most notably Finland, Cambodia (being the same crew) and, later on, Brazil, they managed to conquer everything that wasn’t ally territory. But of course, what would be a server without its main crew and its main adversaries?
In this scenario, it’s Turkey, and later on, Poland. But other nations were also in that group, including Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Indonesia. And there was a neutral group in Iceland and Paraguay who faced off Brazil. At first they had luck, but eventually Brazil overpowered them from 0 regions to the entire continent.

Of course, they were no match for MKD’s true power. In no way they have managed to overpower them, and losing steam after constant attacks and supply burns. And one by one, they began to fall and leave, except for Poland, where in a last-ditch effort, they have decided to combine every single one of themselves into one country. After they saw that not even that was enough to beat MKD, they all left slowly.

This is where the normal story ends, but that’s not where im stopping. Do you remember that this server was meant to hold all the temp server records? Because by Day 50, this is where it all started. Not exactly the thought or idea, but the execution; The plan started ever since before the entire crew was planned in the first place.

Sigma broke many protocols that were previously set in stone for several servers. The number of Warzones more than doubled to 5 in total, where the usual standard was 2, if not 3 at best. Resistance War Tournaments were awfully common, but overall, everything was chill. MKD went on and gave several regions buildings in order to build up on their goals, stacked up medkits, used the newly acquired Individual Rewards. By the end, over half of the active Falanga (MKD MU) crew had well over 100 medkits, something never heard in the past. Usually it’s a few people if best, but this time, it was everyone.
And this is thanks to mastermind Horus. He spearheaded the entire Fortress plan, and reiterated to us to never waste medkits at any point of the server. Sure, some of us have used a few here and there, but we had that thought set in stone; he was planning something REAL good, and everyone in Falanga was participating in it no matter what. Being aided by Belayko, Marcosias and Flegex for the entire server after the founder, Foxie, quietly left the server, they eventually grew to amass a grand total of 1,636,000 Q5 weapons by Day 116, the day of the bonus reckoning.

1 MILLION, 636 THOUSAND, Q5 weapons.

Do you want to know what was the previous highest Q5 count?

It was set in Epica, around 835,000 Q5 weapons.
So, what did we plan in the end? We went NUCLEAR. In a single round, we reached 1 trillion damage, for the first time in e-sim’s history. More than 30 people hitting simultaneously for damage, MKD or others. And later proceed to also demolish the 1 hour record as well.

Yes, I ended 5th with 87 billion damage. lmao.

The battle ended up with a total of 941,408 individual hits, the most in a single e-sim battle, which also granted 28 Q6 and 141 Q5 drops in total. As a comparison, if that battle was just a normal battle, it STILL had enough hits to grant 6 Q6 and 31 Q5 drops total. It was complete overkill, that I believe nobody will break.
This is where we segment to the next section, the statistics. And man, these will be the juiciest stats I will cover

Well, we have crushed the previous record. MKD more than doubled the previous record set in Versa, which had 3.21 trillion dmg.

MKD’s Total Damage Output equals to 71.08% of the server's entire damage.

The XP of Sigma compared to Unica, the previous server, was staggeringly high. By a ridiculous 40.40% more than last server, accounting to 6.3 million more XP. This meant that Sigma, statistically, is the most active post-Elixir server and Pandemic-Era server (as far as I know).


Here we go again. But this time, it's for good. we have peaked in the elixir era. That's it, we're done.

Nobody will beat this record. period. it's over. Outright reaching the maximum rank.

Horus beats the individual record and takes back his throne. AGAIN! This is the 3rd time he has done this; he held the throne in Aura, then again in Chimera immediately after Elixirs released, and now here, after hearing of the previous record holder, Eyal, back in Epica. Horus destroyed that record by almost tripling it; 1.5 trillion more than before.
But LOOK AT THE REST OF THE LEADERBOARD TOO. Everyone present in the list is OVER 100 billion damage! In actuality, 19 people have reached the insane milestone in Sigma, with 27 people hitting 50 billion overall. Yours truly is in this list, although I did worse for some reason. Here’s the overall stats:

People reaching 5kkk (Deus) Rank: 118 (+53!! to Unica)
People reaching 10kkk (Deus Imperialis) Rank: 80 (+37! to Unica)
People hitting 20kkk dmg; 47 (+16 to Unica)
People hitting 30kkk dmg: 37 (+12 to Unica)
Over 50kkk Club: 27 (+13 to Unica)
These stats even exceed Epica’s by a long shot, where it also had the same bonus pattern of Sigma’s. Therefore, I don’t think any server in the future is gonna reach this unless there is some insane change coming up to the game; after all, Country damage bonuses had been removed at the next server.

Because i feel like it, here's the Top 60!

Outside of the top players, which completely blew XP expectations (Not to add Horus has the most individual XP out of anyone during the post-elixir era), most of the graph stayed relatively similar to Unica’s. therefore, not much to cover here.

And here we go with another record. Falanga now takes the record of the most damage ever seen in a Military Unit, taking it from Versa’s The Amazing Bastards by over 3 trillion damage in total. And, again, because many other crews decided to invest heavily in damage in here, several other MUs have crossed the hundreds of billions mark.

And so it ends. Sigma has concluded.
One chapter closes, another one opens. This is the natural cycle of this game.
Players, MUs, Rules, Gameplay. All vulnerable to change with every chapter, but the game remains the same.
Horus and Belayko represented the best of us. A legacy to be remembered, and an iron will personality that will not be forgotten by all of us in this crew.
Foxie made his retreat from the pressure of this game. While he wasn’t around to witness the team he created, he should at least feel proud that we carried his legacy to the end.
And finally, people like Flegex, Tripy, Marcosias, etc. that also helped with keeping the team alive, and the rest of the MU for making this a reality.

As for me.. this marks another server covered. Maybe another greater server will come later, but I will be present for when it happens.
In the words of an old friend, it doesn’t matter how you start..
It’s how you finish.


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