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[MoHA]January Intro! (Old article)
Posted 8 years ago by
United Kingdom Org    

Hey There!

To kick things off I’d just like to say Congrats to Ranflax who is now leading this fine country! Following on from the previous term I will stay on as your MoHA, bringing you (hopefully) another successful month in charge.

January CP Competition!

For the first time ever, we ran a competition for you to guess the amount of votes each presidential candidate would receive. You were allowed to guess for each candidate, meaning a potential win of £300!!

We had 4 winners this time, taking home a combined total of £450! The biggest earner was puruluks who guessed two correctly and won himself £200, congrats! Other winners were kamalabubaker , hungry_eyes and Quagmire .

Plans for this month

We will be opening up the Bewbz4Fewdz program to all UK citizens! That means if you post in this topic with a hot girl/guy you will receive 10 Q3 food once a day!

Government Welcome Baskets are still being handed out. Simply apply by this form to receive 6 Q1 food, for ask on the forums to get 10 instead! This is a one time offer and you can only apply to one so using the forum gives you more!

Competitions will be ran again, including congress elections, pool tournaments (long awaited..) and caption competitions amongst others so keep an eye out for them!

UK Citizen Handbook

All citizens are advised to take a look over the UK’s Citizen Handbook . New citizens can learn a lot from it while older citizens can help with letting me know what should be added to help out!

This will be kept up-to-date regularly with the aim of compiling a document detailing the UK’s history throughout the game along with helpful advice and tips.


The MoHA has vacant positions waiting to be filled. I’m after a Deputy to help run things and there are also opportunities in a few other areas.......

Department of Introductions

*Messaging new UK citizens and checking/supplying welcome baskets

Department of Mentoring

*Recruiting new mentors and assigning players to them
*Checking everything is fine with both roles involved
*Will need a newspaper for articles

Department of Demographics

*This is a big role, but only needs to be carried out twice a term (start and end)
*Involves compiling a list of all UK citizens, including level, XP, political, economic and military status
*This will help us have access to a wide range of info helping us to tailor schemes and programs into specific areas, so will be a very important role for the UK.

Please send me a message if any of these roles sound suitable for you.

Right then, that’s all for now folks. I’ll be releasing more as appointments are made and competitions are announced so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,

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