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New feature - work and train queuing. (Political)
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Hello Citizens!

We are happy to announce a new feature in e-Sim that will let you queue work and train ahead. If you know you will be away for a day and don’t want to miss work/train, this will be helpful for you. It will automatically work and train for you for period of 1 day (24 hours).

How it works?

You can access the panel with the planner here: Planner . There will be 2 buttons, one for work and one for train.
If you click them, game will automatically work and/or train for you for the next 24 hours. Entire 1 day (24 hours) will count from the moment of click to the same hour of next day.
You will also be able to cancel the queue and use it again in whatever moment you wish to. During that time, game will automatically work and train for you without doing anything as soon as it’s possible. This way if you plan to go somewhere for the weekend and you know you will not have access to e-Sim, you won’t miss train or work

How to unlock this feature?

This feature will be available for everyone with premium subscription. So as long as you have premium status, you will be able to use the planner without limits.
It will not require any additional costs, it’s a bonus for buying premium which price remain with no changes.

e-Sim Team

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