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Giving 175 gold (already closed) (Political)
Posted 5 months ago by

Hello e-sim addicts

I prepared some lottery for you.
Winners will be randomly choosen by mauvecloud .

What you need to do to be included in the draw:
- Vote for this article
- Subsribe my news
- write any positive integer 1-1000 (whole number, couldn’t be for example 4,28 or Pi or -4 or..........) into comments.

the draw will end in about 2 days or when I reach 100 subs

1st. price: 1000 CAD
it’s (+-100Gold

2nd. price 500 CAD
it’s (+-50Gold

3rd. price 250 CAD
it’s (+-25 Gold

In few seconds will be winners announced

You can use the CAD
to change for gold on our Canadian monetary market , or buy some very cheap products on our Canadian product market .

Canadian market also offer great place to sell your products, because we have NO TAXES (0% on all) it allows you to make good profit and keep Discord trade gold prices.

Some little free advertisement:
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CEO: Divisas


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