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e-Sim nonsense (Event related)
Posted 1 month ago by

Fix priority?
93.33 % Train for day 2440
3.33 % Alternative refresh button
3.33 % Typo mistakes
Total votes: 60

Hello fellow e-citizens!
Frustrated by the state of the game I decided to write this article to point out a few minor flaws of the game that can be fixed in no time to show how little game moderators/developers care about the future of this game.

1. Train for day 2440.

Lets start with the classic, this button to "Train for day 2440" has been in the game for almost 400 days! Its so old that it has become part of the e-Sim culture with articles like this I believe that admins are working to fix this but the problem is so complex they need to hire an expert so we should be patient.

2. Who wrote premium account description?

You would think that for something they ask you to pay real money they would put some effort in describing, right?. Well you would be wrong description of premium account is absolutely horrendous. This has been that way for many, many months and no one gived a single fu*k. I guess its really hard to change a few misspeled words.

3. Alternative refresh button

Every tried clicking on one of these non stop repeating "A Global Crowd Funding has started!" political events?
Try it, another amazing functional feature in this game.

4. Laws only for some servers (some of them nonexistent)

Law is something that a whole game is centered along. But our very busy admins have no time to update is so if you want to use shared IP on Oriental server its alright. But dont you dare to use it on Alpha, Aurora or Pandoria beacuse. Shared IP is by the law not available on those servers.

This is just a few of the indicators that moderators really dont care about the game. I know that this article probably wont change anything but I love this game and it would be sad to see it die.
Till further notice Papa6

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Comments (7)
14-06-2019 17:48:48
(1 month ago)


10-06-2019 10:30:02
(1 month ago)

Dont troll the dev sir! He's doing his best to keep this game ALIVE and now you write this??? Well done Dont fix the 2440 bug, its my password now. A number ill never forget

10-06-2019 0:39:32
(1 month ago)

Good catch! Kesan

09-06-2019 21:29:31
(1 month ago)

and this? lvl 48 in practice battle???


08-06-2019 20:47:42
(1 month ago)

Dont you dare to fix: "Train for day 2440"... I like that bug.


08-06-2019 12:05:20
(1 month ago)

vote+sub Gold

08-06-2019 11:52:30
(1 month ago)


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