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Game of Thrones, predictions for last ep. (Fun)
Posted 6 months ago by

Finally this havoc of season is about to end and so is the saga. I really disliked the 2 recent seasons with the current one being the worst ever. But i thought maybe we can do some predictions for the last episode, who will rule? who will die?

1: Will Danearys survive? if not who will kill her?
2: Who will be on iron throne? snow? daenerys?
3: Did cersei and jaime really die? if not will they survive last episode?
4: Will tyrion survive? if not who kills him?
5: anyone else gonna be killed? or some major twist.

6: Some small random predicts:

I just made up some random questions, you dont have to follow this "structure" but can use your own, im just interested in what people think gonna happen. And since i barely play this game i can give away some gold for the person who makes the most correct predictions. 100-300g?

As for my predicts

I think daenerys will be killed by someone of tyrion/arya/jon snow wich will place Jon Snow on iron Throne. And i think Cersei survived the last episode just to be killed again in the last episode on order of Daenerys.
As for tyrion i think he will survive. But he will make sure Daenerys will not be on the iron throne. Only thing im thinking of is what gonna happen to the dragons if daenerys is gonna be killed. Maybe they will follow jon since he is her brother.

And last i think Arya will move to that blacksmith boy that became a lord and live with him, Sansa will be the ruler of north.

Give your best shot

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