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Interview with the president of Croatia (Political)
Posted 1 month ago by

Dear Readers!

Today here at Helyey News we have a special guest. Epic Tank of SFFA and 16x president of Croatia

First I would like to thank you for being here today!

crodaemon : Thanks for interviewing me!

Q What brought you to e-sim?

A I was old erepublik player from v1 , leader of MU HOS and some HOS members came on e-sim, made HOS and called me. Here you can find them today: MU HOS

Q Why did you choose this nick?

A It is my old erepublik nick and this is combination CRO – Croatia and Daemon tools program disk image emulator.

Q You have a long career at e-sim, could you tell me how it started?

A It started with MU HOS and spread all around it.

Q Who are your best friends in Primera?

A El Scorpion , SonGokuCro , sovy95 , Boulos Abud , Hocci and so on. . .

Q You went inactive for quite some time.Could you tell us why?And why did you return? (Actually I don't know if it applies to you, but almost every e-sim player went to inactivity for shorter periods)

A I was renoveting my apartmant, it was 90% my work + full time job, there was no time for esim.

Q What was the best thing you've done until now in e-sim? Something you're proud of.

A 1. I am proud on monetary stability of HRK, I have fetish for this
2. I am not banned at any server and game ever. My name is same on all servers and games.

Q Are there people who you would like to thank for their help or support?

A I am most grateful to my children SonGokuCro sovy95 El Scorpion

For bigger picture click

Q This is a personal question, what do you think about Hungary?

A Hungary is good ally and because of it I DoW Romania to help Hungary but long long ago Hungary was great croatian enemy.

Q Last question before the end. There's something you want to say for everyone who reads this interview?

A Esim is good game and we can make it better only with fair gaming

These are very great and mature thoughts, thank you for the interview!

I hope you all enjoyed this little interview!
Best wishes,

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02-04-2019 14:46:52
(1 month ago)

I would choose the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes

01-04-2019 21:42:23
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01-04-2019 20:07:30
(1 month ago)

Neka si se ti nama vratio! o7

Perfect article! \o/

01-04-2019 20:07:23
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01-04-2019 17:19:50
(1 month ago)

Great interview o7

01-04-2019 16:16:43
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01-04-2019 15:45:13
(1 month ago)

Everyone kneel to the almighty crodaemon <3 <3 <3 <3.

Nice article Helyey . Voted.

01-04-2019 15:26:08
(1 month ago)

Keep the interviews coming, you got my sub

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