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What time is it right now? (Fun)
Posted 2 months ago by
Tulip Farella    

How long have you been playing?
45.0 % More than 6 years
25.0 % 3 to 4 years
12.5 % 5 to 6 years
7.5 % Less than a year
5.0 % 4 to 5 years
2.5 % 1 to 2 years
2.5 % 2 to 3 years
Total votes: 40

So right now it is exactly 00.03 (GMT) on 7th March 2019.
But since typing that it is now 00.04 so this article is already out of date!
But time is a funny old thing you can't see it or touch it but it affects everything in our lives.
I been thinking about it recently because today is my birthday and i am 48 years old!
(Although i look about 30 and feel like i am 27)!
Today is day 2740 and my E-sim birthday is day 190 which means i have played for 2550 days!
The game is 7.5 years old i came in at about 6 months in so i have been on for 7 years!
When i started there were players like Ranflax Bacon CBall and Code0011 who were in congress, who helped me out.
We lost a lot of people along the way (mainly from the server re-set), but many of us are still here even though the game keeps stopping us from logging in and working/training, and those missing days don't get fixed!
Or med kits given to replace DMG not dealt.
There are people on here who started before me who are younger than 190.
So i thought a poll to see what percentage of people are in which year range who currently playing.
Have fun and keep fighting!
Tulip Farella

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Comments (8)
20-03-2019 21:36:38
(2 months ago)

ah the old gang was very long time ago.
day 162 here.

08-03-2019 19:31:38
(2 months ago)

Happy Birthday.

I am e-sim
Day 1 Birthday
It is really old player

07-03-2019 21:49:40
(2 months ago)

Jair Messias Betancourt ... Lol...

Man, i am not old... I am a classic.

07-03-2019 20:50:31
(2 months ago)

Boulos Abud Old people like you have money, we don't, make give aways, or organize party

07-03-2019 16:15:57
(2 months ago)

Happy Birthday Tulip Wish you all the best sir.

i miss the old times

07-03-2019 8:14:18
(2 months ago)

Happy Birthday Tulip Wish you all the best

07-03-2019 7:59:29
(2 months ago)

I need worker

07-03-2019 2:38:44
(2 months ago)

First of all Happy Birthday. In 3 days (march,9) i will be celebrating half of a century.

I am playing this game for 6 years and 8 months.

i really miss the old times.

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