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NAP Hellas - Wolfpack (Political)
Posted 11 months ago by
This Was Hellas    

NAP Between Hellas and Wolfpack!


Term 1: Wolfpack will return all the occupied regions to Hellas.

Term 2: Hellas will sign peace with all Wolfpack's members.

Term 3: Hellas and Wolfpack will be not allowed to fight each other directly or in other battles.

Term 4: Damage limit will be 10kk in normal battles and 20kk in bonus. The damage that surpasses the limit will be compensated if the leaders ask the other leaders to do so.

Term 5: Greece will not be allowed to attack Albania or Cyprus.

Term 6: The nap will be valid for 2 months ( Until 2781 ) and it could be extended if both sides agree, penalty for breaking the nap is 3000 GOLD.

With Respect,
The Spartan o7

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