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New Battle Royale server announcement + new mechanics explained. (Event related)
Posted 3 months ago by
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Hello Citizens!

As you may already know we are launching Battle Royale style server with plenty of new mechanics added to the game which some of them we would like to explain here in this article.

Terms of win:

There might be 2 scenarios when it comes to choosing a winner.
1. Last standing country wins the server
2. If there’s more than 1 country standing in game after its end (120 days), the one with more regions wins the server.

Eliminating countries:

Each country starts with 30 regions. Upon server launch, every country is going to have 30 days of protection. Within first month your country cannot be eliminated. In addition, you are going to have another 7 days after protection end to recapture at least one region. After that time every country is going to have only 7 days after losing last region to retake one to stay in the game until the end of the server. If they fail to do that, they are getting eliminated from server forever!

What happens when your country gets eliminated? You are going to have time until end of server to transfer to perm server. Until then you can stay on the BR server and watch map, stats, access shouts/articles but you won’t be able to take any active part in the life of the server.

In addition server is going to generate articles to remind you that your country is being eliminated. First one will appear when you lose last region. Another one 2 days before end of the time to retake at least one region to stay in the server. After 7 days there will be article to inform you that your country has been eliminated with instructions what can you do now.

Server info:

It’s going to be speed server with work and train every 6 hours. Map is going to contain around ~60 countries with 30 regions each. You can find full list on our signup list below. Server is going to last 120 days or until one of the countries wins by eliminating others.


We are going to host a short Q&A session on Discord to further explain some of the mechanics as well as answer your question about this server. The meeting is going to take place tomorrow (16/02/2019) at 20:00 of server time on our Discord channel .

Signup for new server:

We are going to share you the form where you will be able to add yourself and choose the union you would like to represent on new server.

Here’s the link to the site:

If you opt in to the list you will get package with food, helmet Q3 and gifts for 2 days.
One code per player. Promo Codes will be sent shortly after server launch.

e-Sim Team

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Comments (12)
18-02-2019 23:32:49
(3 months ago)


Posting one question when will receive the rewards from this cup

17-02-2019 13:16:34
(3 months ago)

Merge speed servers to Alpha speed server only

16-02-2019 12:53:02
(3 months ago)

Reported for insult

16-02-2019 5:18:38
(3 months ago)

Good idea, but there are 2 types of people. 3 clickers and 2 clickers. 3 clickers will always win.

Jk, but seriously, I think e-sim > battle royale.

16-02-2019 0:51:41
(3 months ago)

Idea seams good, but something happends always so..

16-02-2019 0:36:19
(3 months ago)

E-SIM BATTLE ROYALE! nobody expected that!

15-02-2019 20:23:52
(3 months ago)

Good idea! Temp servers are anyway dead after 30 or 60 days so then we can happily transfer our gathered stuff.

15-02-2019 19:06:02
(3 months ago)


15-02-2019 17:42:59
(3 months ago)

no no no no no

15-02-2019 16:10:20
(3 months ago)


15-02-2019 16:04:08
(3 months ago)


15-02-2019 15:47:50
(3 months ago)


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