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Birth of a country (Political)
Posted 4 months ago by

Aloha people o/

I am Rezo, third citizen and Necromancer of the new Crown of Ecuador, and i am making this article to make our country known to the world, since we are new. I am going to keep some roleplaying while also delivering some news about us, so I hope you like this format.

As you may know, up untill now, Ecuador was a lawless territory, with no goverment and no nation on it... in that dire situation, the Crown Prince Wanheda87 approached me and asked.

Wanheda87:"Hey Rezo, would you want to help me build a country?"

I have participated in several project, our clanmates have been soldiers, kings, emperors in another games... but on this one? I had not played.

Rezo:"Sure, let's try make a great power from scratch."

And just like that, we were born... the former goverment of the country, Prime Minister Galiver decided to join us and thus the triumvirate goverment was born.

But building a country is a major task, we had no regions, we had no market and while some of my clanmates had past lives here, we had virtually no resources.

The first step towards making a healthy economy is address the main needs from the population, which are food (inexpensive, cheap and easy to acquire), weapons (not that cheap, but very necessary to guarantee our people the ability to defend our nation) and gift industry (the most expensive and one of the additions we require to improve the quality of life of our citizens).
And so, we have started growing our own companies. Sandora Corporation S.L. stands proud as a weapon's factory in the country that is expanding very fast and currently employs four proud Ecuador citizens.
But we still require some new food and gifts companies in our regions.

Though we will reach it eventually, we would be happy if any major entrepreneur wants to sell in our market.
We also started our monetary market with a healthy amount of ECD and Gold being traded in a set up value of around 20 ECD = 1 Gold and for the time being, untill our community grows, the goverment will keep guaranteeing at least that minimal amount of currency trading.

Countries cannot survive on their own, no matter how strong you are, if you are prosperous, your neighbours will pile up and steal your resources by force... and this alredy had happened to Ecuador.

We tried making contact with our neighbours from Peru, Colombia and Venezuela, but as we were just a tiny nation, our advancements were rejected, so even despite sharing goals with Venezuela, they rejected diplomacy with us just to appease Peru, which seems to hold a greater influence than they should in the area.

Since our diplomacy had failed we decided taking up arms and release ourselves and so far we have recovered alredy three of our six core territories.... but war calls for us, since the allies of Peru have declared us war and most of the zone surrounding us is hostile.

So far, even being a tiny nation, we have found friendship in the Coalition Paradox, which has alredy signed a Mutual Protection Pact with us and which we hope we can start helping after we get a foothold in our continent.

And for now, that is all, this might serve as a first document of how the Crownlands of Ecuador were born.

Our Goverment is currently the following:

Crown Prince and President: Prince Wanheda87
First Minister: Mr. Galiver
Crown Necromancer and press editor: Lord Rezo

Feel free to poke any of us regarding any question of Ecuador and if you want to be a part of our project and join our nation project, feel free to join our discord channel here Ecuador Discord and talk to us.

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Comments (13)
09-02-2019 23:16:12
(4 months ago)

Nice article good luck!

09-02-2019 22:49:43
(4 months ago)

good luck

09-02-2019 16:37:08
(4 months ago)

I K E A No oil in Ecuador, sorry...

08-02-2019 21:42:02
(4 months ago)

Hahahaha interesting article tovers

Hail Serbia 2.0 !! okno sorry...

Hail "Ecuador" !!

08-02-2019 17:33:58
(4 months ago)

TheDankSavage He is raising the dead people

08-02-2019 17:08:28
(4 months ago)

What is the real life political analogue of "necromancer". It sounds to me like you are like the chief of national security or minister of graveyard infrastructure... or minister of funeral homes/parlors.
Or you are simply the minister of raising dead people?

08-02-2019 16:06:33
(4 months ago)

Where are you from RL?

08-02-2019 14:53:57
(4 months ago)

Gl fam.

08-02-2019 14:20:11
(4 months ago)

Good luck out there, we need active communities in this game

08-02-2019 12:49:52
(4 months ago)

Good luck

08-02-2019 9:01:40
(4 months ago)

Let me know, when it will be time to my business there

08-02-2019 6:38:28
(4 months ago)

Good luck

You can count on the United States guys o7

08-02-2019 1:21:23
(4 months ago)

Off the records: In truth, Wanheda just spammed me and i though he was a bot, so i decided to reply him in a funny way and he said "not cool" or something like that xD and thats how really we decided to make something fun here.

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