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Primera record? Learn about history (Statistics)
Posted 4 months ago by

Elo, The Carnage , data and history guard here ^^
You're wrong


"First time in hiostory of Primera that more than 5 players made more than 1 billion damage each on sigle round"

First time in history of Primera that one Mulitary Unit deals .... damage in a single round

Lean about history:

Previous article:
eq upgr worth? check ;o (5 months ago)

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10-02-2019 15:51:15
(4 months ago)

★ hecker15
sure but back then there was less buffs, less medkits, less eq and other stuff. now it is just no more fun to make such dmg and no people to use this dmg against...
PS: try to do this with same rules we had in that time and you won't even reach 1kkk not mentioning our polish records

09-02-2019 23:41:52
(4 months ago)

09-02-2019 11:30:31
(4 months ago)

learn plebs

09-02-2019 0:23:36
(4 months ago)

Everyone would be able to do this with the sups poland had before reset #Adminland


08-02-2019 16:44:17
(4 months ago)


08-02-2019 14:51:21
(4 months ago)


08-02-2019 11:45:46
(4 months ago)

Let's all just hold hands and celebrate that massive damage was done by EVERYBODY

08-02-2019 11:06:49
(4 months ago)

HAHAHAHAHA just admit that you were wrong Jair.

Old era - Best era.

08-02-2019 9:17:01
(4 months ago)

Such a FAIL.

07-02-2019 23:21:09
(4 months ago)

OldEra still represent! Miss the times when damage actually meant something

07-02-2019 20:52:23
(4 months ago)

Jair Messias Betancourt , yeah I liked that you did it and hope you had some good fun.
I do however feel like the article misrepresented it and tried to make it larger than it was.

No harm done

07-02-2019 20:15:31
(4 months ago)

Mihawk Still price of q5 weap is much higher, if you consider cost of this dmg in gold, it increased because salaries increased, so cost of producing is also higher...

And we still have same income... when you win bh, you still get 5 gold....

I don't believe eco skills are important at this point, number of workers are... in those times it was easy to find workers... now it's a nightmare

07-02-2019 20:02:57
(4 months ago)

Jair Messias Betancourt

well as far as i remember the productivity system is the same...from the other hand we can
produce even more cause we have got higher eco
-primera before reset had 1100 days
-primera after reset had 1800 days +eco sets maximum 10

I do not think you bought them but you produce them as far as i know italy org has got 11 very active q5 weapons companys that some of them has got 2 workers.

Back in time the salary was lower but products were cheaper too.

As loako said do not get me wrong i liked what you did but it is not the best

look forward for the next record

PS: the point is to have fun! well done!

07-02-2019 19:36:09
(4 months ago)

Making the biggest round dmg since reset means biggest dmg in more than 4 years. That doesnt have merit? loako

You can say whatever you want anyway, we wanted to have some fun, and make a random day special, i think sure thing we did!

07-02-2019 19:04:40
(4 months ago)

Jair Messias Betancourt don't get me wrong, I love wasting damage. The RW cup should be more than enough proof of that.
What I'm saying is that I'm not confident you can call it a record if you have to alter the circumstances and or rules.

For example I'm easily the player with most damage globally*

*Only counting players that has played for 2000+ days and whose nicks begin with "loak"

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