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New Overkill Party (Military)
Posted 3 months ago by
The Carnage    

Statement from President Jair Messias Betancourt and the leader of Titani The Carnage :

Today is a very special day for Titani and Italy. For many of
you it can look like a normal day, but we took a normal day to make it
special. We decided to break monotony and make an overkill party in
120% bonus day!
Since the reset of Primera no one managed to do such a huge damage!

With: Green_Lightning , immortali and GGGGGGGG

With: barcity , The Carnage and Jair Messias Betancourt

With: el_cid , Rollo and Oonoki

It's indeed a waste of q5 weapons, medkits, but it was fun to break monotony and do huge damage, thanks to every Titani member!

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Comments (42)
08-03-2019 15:04:09
(2 months ago)


08-02-2019 11:11:47
(3 months ago)


07-02-2019 19:16:21
(3 months ago)

That's good for you man!

07-02-2019 17:40:49
(3 months ago)

meh, I could make that dmg also with all debuffs and without weps used

07-02-2019 16:34:43
(3 months ago)

Sorry to dissapoint but i remember that before reset there was an 31billion overkill in poland

07-02-2019 16:20:09
(3 months ago)

You should worry about your cores instead

07-02-2019 16:13:28
(3 months ago)

I am going to create an article that in some hour I had the highest dmg, so its new record

07-02-2019 15:35:37
(3 months ago)

pirates crying in 3 2 1,

oh right i was late.

07-02-2019 15:31:34
(3 months ago)

Lucius The Eternal FEAR disbanded, what are you talking about?

07-02-2019 14:39:27
(3 months ago)

Nothing really wasteful here after cartel/paradox go afk and 2 click both wolfpack and fear wont be able to attack anybody but small countries.

07-02-2019 14:29:24
(3 months ago)

XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD It is if you consider that your stat is before the reset of primera, but i appreciate your big effort and i wrote that the record is from the reset to nowadays, I hope it pleases you

07-02-2019 13:40:08
(3 months ago)

I isn't record....

07-02-2019 12:43:32
(3 months ago)

All that work and noone really cares about damage, well maybe srpskiski.

HOWEVER! Truly great work, keep on blasting!

07-02-2019 11:26:49
(3 months ago)

Money is not a problem

07-02-2019 11:25:51
(3 months ago)

Buying 15000 wq5

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