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New superpowa alliance (Political)
Posted 3 months ago by

Hail people round di world!

Behold di new superpowa alliance! Jamaica attack forces!

As di great president of Jamaica, or formally now impeached president of Jamaica, mi an mi people now offering yaah great opportunity to join di next superpowa alliance of di world!
Yuh maybe wondering wah di goals fi di alliance, wah Jamaica wud be a great ally fi yuh an ow yuh apply to become a memba of dis great alliance. But nuh worry now, yuh nuh haffi wonda anymore cause wi wi gi yuh alla di answas.

Wah di goals fi di alliance?
Tek a luk at di map an it pretty clear wah wi wi accomplish togetha.

Wah makes Jamaica a great ally an wah mek should yuh join di alliance?
1. Wi probably ave di greatest storage of Q5 weapons inna di game per capita, which means dat wi can deal a huge amount of damage
2. Wi probably ave di most gold per capita inna game also, which means wi can buy a huge amount of damage eff wi wa.
3. Well, eff yuh nuh join wi wi simply conqua yuh regions

Oh please let wi join!! Ow wi apply to become memba of dis fantastic alliance?
1. Contact fi wi supreme commanda or vSC or vvSC an him wi gi yuh fi wi discord channel
2. Di fee fi joining is 5 gold per active citizen inna yuh country. Yuh cya donate it here

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Comments (7)
27-01-2019 23:59:21
(3 months ago)


27-01-2019 23:07:17
(3 months ago)

Hamsik you are lost your mind or what? Or you smocked to much weet?

27-01-2019 16:30:10
(3 months ago)

Buying Q5 Weed... :V

27-01-2019 14:23:31
(3 months ago)


26-01-2019 20:24:10
(3 months ago)

Good to have you back.
and good luck with conquering the world.

26-01-2019 20:12:32
(3 months ago)

Do you want to kiss my egg?

26-01-2019 19:15:07
(3 months ago)


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