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Changes to MU Cup. (Political)
Posted 3 months ago by
Admin news    

Hello Citizens!

We would like to let you know that we made a small change to MU Cup to make it more fair for all the participants.

From now you need to have at least 3 members in your Military Unit (MU) in order to be able to sign up and fight in the cup. If you kick or some of your members leave MU during the Cup you will no longer be able to fight if you have less than 3 members.

This is going to apply to all the MU Cups from now on. Rules on the event page has been updated as well to make it visible for everyone.

e-Sim Team

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Comments (12)
26-01-2019 14:56:39
(3 months ago)

I would like to ask, when we can expect achievements from last MU Cup (4-5 days ago)? I haven´t nothing and been sitting here for hours...

25-01-2019 20:00:29
(3 months ago)

Mihawk is right !!..
Make sure the mu is not made by "players for one day "

i will add
make it from 3 to 5 atleast that are in the MU for more than 1 month !!!

When u do smth do it right

25-01-2019 19:54:52
(3 months ago)

Good change.Make number of players to 5.

24-01-2019 23:14:00
(3 months ago)

good change, and what about to give rewards for last MU cup?

24-01-2019 18:40:42
(3 months ago)

It hurts you when players found a way to earn gold faster?

You added equipments because you didn't wanted gold farm in the Civil wars back in the day but you are totally okay when someone is buying gold and they are immune to anything.

Yep, totally the best business model. Luckily for everyone, this game is in a sleep paralysis.

24-01-2019 16:39:47
(3 months ago)

make it 5...

24-01-2019 16:33:25
(3 months ago)

so 3 is better but 5 is amount that can be called MU

24-01-2019 16:22:48
(3 months ago)

i have one silly question

if i put 2 new , very new players that obvious will leave the game next days my mu can fight right?

24-01-2019 16:13:41
(3 months ago)

Admin news where are rewards for MU cup #10??

24-01-2019 15:45:55
(3 months ago)


24-01-2019 15:43:42
(3 months ago)

NICE #2440 plizzzzzzz

24-01-2019 15:36:27
(3 months ago)


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