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NEUTRAL (Military)
Posted 5 months ago by

From day 2698, Military Unit PIRATES are Neutral. Bangladesh went to neutral mode.
From now on, PIRATES are in full mercenary mode.

If you want to hire us, join our discord community for more informations.

In the end, I want to thank our allies and coalition FEAR, for this great moments we spend together.
We will remain in good relations with all of you.

See ya next time, regards to all.

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Comments (13)
28-02-2019 12:32:31
(3 months ago)

Robija dajte mi unban na serveru : (

26-01-2019 14:17:31
(5 months ago)

Wow, I was the first one for real? xD Thats really epic.

26-01-2019 13:44:41
(5 months ago)

Trianchid finally someone who knows about my avatar and nick

26-01-2019 10:37:39
(5 months ago)

Sift Heads World is one of my favourite games, so keep it up man!

24-01-2019 21:52:12
(5 months ago)

Vinnie97 hahahah, u pravu si.

Mada nikad nisam ništa mislio za ozbiljno. Sve je neka zajebancija

24-01-2019 21:20:21
(5 months ago)

ne vjerujem

24-01-2019 19:10:28
(5 months ago)

Hапокон, да више не јурим да постављам наређења на коалицији.

24-01-2019 18:35:22
(5 months ago)

You just prove that you don't..

24-01-2019 18:31:11
(5 months ago)

I actually know a lot more than you think I do

24-01-2019 18:29:45
(5 months ago)

Guardian from Hell nemoj pricas takve stvari, ce se smeju ljudi

Psychosocial last time we were neutral was 1year ago, so stop talking about something you don't know.

24-01-2019 18:11:36
(5 months ago)

Neutral like few months ago when you said the same thing and then started tanking for FEAR?

24-01-2019 15:03:15
(5 months ago)

Oj Pirati vratite se sve vam je oprošteno

24-01-2019 14:37:34
(5 months ago)


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