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Venezuelan Market! (Economical)
Posted 3 months ago by
Ministerio de Economia    

soon we will be able to market products with reasonable taxes for investors like you in Venezuela.

1% taxes!

In the framework of economic recovery of our Org and our nation we decided to lower our taxes to 1% to attract investors to our country, take advantage! invest in Venezuela, we have the lowest taxes in e-sim primera!

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Comments (3)
19-01-2019 12:20:31
(3 months ago)

actually Albania has the same taxes

18-01-2019 17:44:30
(3 months ago)

Lowest taxes with 0 items on the market... First put something on it, then start to shout that you are trying to make it alive.

17-01-2019 16:25:25
(3 months ago)

selling Q5 pants miss/miss https://primera.e-sim.org/auction.html?id=2268544

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