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The last march of the ents (Political)
Posted 5 months ago by

Dear readers,

recent happenings made the bear to come out of his cave (that would be me lol) and write this article. I'm not really sure you guys were aware of side effects of these moves, but it's kind of irreversible now.

First of all, the one who said The Cartel is OP, is the greatest cretin of e-sim!. Why do I say that?! the facts are there, just before your own eyes, but let me help for the handicapped ones:
1) Open the map (it was also part of the tutorial, but just click here )
2) Check your members, and start calculating how much of you are occupied by The Cartel

Finland and Thailand? lol don't make me laugh, the real war recently was always on pakistani territory. What happened there? Once you conquered Pakistan, then we liberated some regions, and this circle went round and arround. If we're an OP coalition, how come we never occupied your core regions, use your brains FFS.

FEAR and The Cartel are both strong allainces, the war on pakistani territories were balanced, maybe we lost a bit more wars then you guys, but it was balanced. Both side wanted to make new allies, to break this balance and to overcome the other, with that you succed as Germany joined the war on your side. Don't get me wrong, this part is natural, and I understand it, as this move woke up a bit the primera community, even though this made us - The Cartel members

But making WP joining your side also, is definately a hit below the belt! When we were kicked from the WP I've felt we managed to keep good or at least neutral relationship with all the members, except 1 country, Turkey. Though our main problem wasn't Turkey, but it's puppet master Genghis_Khan , who ran the coalition from the background, with dictatorial method, and it's kind of obvious, he still does the same.

Turkey will attack Pakistan, Romania attack Hungary, seriously guys I know from Romania, don't you feel ashamed? Since our hungarian group came back, we did everything to make our relationship good, after a disastrous time, which basicly made us come back, and we never ever thought about attacking you.

If I were you - who thinks this attack is alright - I wouldn't keep any mirror in the house as I couldn't look on it, without spitting.

Anyway, this picture tells more, then any words:

P.S.: Let's get it done then, this will be the last march of the ents

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Comments (27)
16-01-2019 12:01:45
(5 months ago)

sprski multik and Romani fighters Unite!

16-01-2019 11:59:27
(5 months ago)

You forgot to tell us, we are not friends anymore

16-01-2019 11:46:48
(5 months ago)

how can we backstab if we not ally and even not are friend?
fck logic

16-01-2019 11:23:54
(5 months ago)

Its not about loose-cry Norka , its about backstab....

16-01-2019 10:54:03
(5 months ago)

Weak moaners feel free to leave! in old E-sim Ukraine 3 years was in the occupation of Romania and we did not cry, we fought! but its are new trand <Loose-cry>

15-01-2019 22:24:24
(5 months ago)

sprski multik

15-01-2019 22:07:18
(5 months ago)

romanians are like:
we are bored..... lets attack a country which is fighting on 2 fronts. nabs

15-01-2019 21:40:03
(5 months ago)

Well it's kind of obvious they don't give a single f**k about Greece, the fact perfectly
confirms what I say, that fear never even tried to free Greece. Do you remeber any serious attempt where they tried it? Please show me some

You only dared to fight against Greece, when all the fear damage and orders were against Pakistan, you were always a pu**y to confront them, and you still are.

15-01-2019 21:32:40
(5 months ago)

Wolfpack hold Greece for loooooong and looooooong time but no one from FEAR cried like "we are leaving game! cartel and wp fights against us!" etc. Cry me a river

15-01-2019 21:25:02
(5 months ago)

hungarian damage was also a reply to your action against as, from the WP times. I don't mind turkey fighting us, first of all, you also fought against as, please stop pretending you didn't. Second, I've told you after you made us fired, you are enemy, and we will consider you as enemy, no matter what you do.

"Well anyway result was same. Romania destroyed hungary. " - Since we came back, there wasn't any war between Romania and us, feel free to check on it, as our first move was to make peace with them. Also, we never blackmailed them.

Please don't handle me as a fool, why do you say you don't chose side, when your coalition attacks 2 cartel members and 0 fear member? 1st, it's spoilered ]already
2nd, don't make me laugh you tell me, turkey will beat Bangladesh in a honest war AND THEN ATTACK Pakistan also, you overrate your power, or you think we're all idiots

15-01-2019 21:24:18
(5 months ago)

Also kartabonbon i will post here the screenshot where u asked bridge regions from iran to reach pakistan at the beggining of the war.till i saw thoose screens we didnt set a single order on that war.

U are trying to justify your filthy actions in a so lame way.

U lie even when ask ask questions.

15-01-2019 21:21:33
(5 months ago)

Bye and gl in rl

15-01-2019 21:19:05
(5 months ago)

Leaving this game makes me happy

15-01-2019 21:14:43
(5 months ago)

Whatever makes you happy

15-01-2019 21:10:02
(5 months ago)

Ne pucaj protiv turaka,dacemo im pakistan
Do not fight against tr,we will gift tham regions in PK

★ srpski_ratnik posted 19 hours ago
Vote Comment 9 0

No u are not kartabonbon🤔

Roarmy go and find your long time not seen honor. Maybe one day u will find it.

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