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Interview with.. ADMIN! (Political)
Posted 8 days ago by

so.. about 7 monthes ago i sent some questions to Admin, and finally got answers


who are you (in short )?

My name is Kacper Górski, 33 years old polish guy from Wroclaw - we have office here with 5 other programmers and marketers. The moderator team are volunteers of people of different nationalities, religions and races...

If your name is Kacper, what 'Railman' mean?

This is my nick from Quake 3 Arena times. There is a kind of sniper rifle ‘railgun’ in Quake 3…

how many e-mails on average you get every day because of this game?

Around 20-30 email per day.
Also I’m warned to be ‘sued’ once per week
And warned to be reported to police every month
And every few months someone claims to have access to our servers or our database
… but so far nothing happened in real

how much hours you spend daily on the game?

It depends who you ask - if you ask my girlfriend, she will say that way too much. If you ask some players, they will say none
I think the first answer is correct - When I sleep I should have nu*e dreams, but instead I dream about e-sim ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°

On average, how much euro you get every day into your Bank account from e-sim?

Its enough to pay salaries of 5 developers, office, accounting, taxes and get some money for living

Game has also expenses? Which?

The main expense is the development expense - the game need to be in constant development to keep it alive.

e-sim have office?

Yes, we have 16 sq. meters office

how many people have the password of "admin" account? (how much developers e-sim have?)

Just me.

Can you tell us a little about Namir? why he leave? did he still help you some times?

Namir was our main programmer since 2013. He left e-sim because he wanted to work on other project - he is trying to make his game right now. Hope he got lucky with his project

Do you see and read when someone reminds you at shout/article?

Usually yes, but with few days delay

Did you learn economy? You know more than the average person?

I didn’t study economics, but this is definitely my passion and something that makes life easier.
Don’t you think it interesting, that many people don’t even know that their salary is taxed?

Is has situation that you unban/unmute someone, and you will not unban someone else did the same thing? (gold buyers for example).

It’s up to moderator’s decision if the players is valuable to our game society or not. Yes, they make harsher penalties for toxic/cheating people.

Is there anyone (private or group) you hate in the game?

Hell yea! All sort of people who make the game less attractive to other players - multimakers.
Fortunately there is the small minority, most players play fair.
Also there is group of aggressive crybabies - they insult other players and moderators and once they are muted or banned they cry and call us nazis )

Possible to buy unban with Euro? If so, player that unbanned for some Euros, did the same act will get ban again?

So far we didn’t unban players for Euro, but we had few cases of players asking for that It’s rare since paying players very rarely make multies

there is any protected player that staff can't punish?

Yes, there are protected players - these included inviters, payers and influencers. Moderators give smaller penalties to these people and give them second chances.
They also make harsher punishment to players who are vulgar, who cheat other players or who made multies on other servers.

Do you change something in game that someone paid you enough although most players oppose?

Hey, it just doesn’t make sense - the majority has paid more money.

Which consideration are stronger for you, money (immediate profit) or have fun players (long-term profit)?

Of course long term goals are more important - that’s why you need the money, to improve the game and keep your motivation to work on the game

Some countries around the world have disputes if consider them as a state or not. In addition, there are quite a few countries have disputes of boundaries their. According to what you are decision?

We usually put a country if there is enough native players

Something you miss from e-sim past?

Yes, definitely missing facebook ads prices from year 2013 It’s 5 times more expensive now.

A particularly funny request from a player?

YOU *** AND *** (and lot of swearing) !!!!111111111ONEONEONEELEVEN”
Wrote by some woman.

After some time I got second email that she is sorry...her son stolen her credit card because he has problems with anger.

Yea, I wonder why he got anger problems

You dream about the game at night? Sometimes can't sleep?

Yes ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

What your 'dream' about the game? Where you want to see it in future?

Since i’m most interested in economic part of the game, I would really love to expand this part of the game. Currently I was thinking about introducing logistics into the game. Basically materials would be bound to region where it is produced. It then need to be transported to factory and into the battle field. That would also give government more options - like customs and embargos.
However, this need to be carefully designed.

How do you think will be e-sim while 20 years?

Personally I think this project will survive a long time, just as tibia did We already last almost 10 years - for the game it’s extraordinary long to keep the game alive and with so many users

do you think E-sim is perfect or need changes? (What problems do you think exist in the game?, why there aren't many new players)?

The reason the game is not having as many new player as before is simply competition
We monitored new players in similar games to e-sim and they all face the same problem.
At some point we were able to make cheap advertisement in facebook, however, the price of ads rose more than 5 times in the last 4 years!
There are more and more companies bidding for facebook viewers, so the price goes up.
Fortunately we still have decent number of new organic users - seems like trying different kind of servers is attracting new players and makes the old players come back.

On a scale of 1-10, how do you think players like Admins and staff?

Probably like 3/10. Trying now to get to 2/10, then to 1/10.
When it finally reach 1/10, players will release the anger join the dark side and destroy the rebellion once and for all!

Which changes are expected to us soon?

It will be one of the ideas proposed by players, but I will keep it as secret for now

Is has ideas you want to change and you don't know how / require too much work?

We wanted to make race tournament, but it required way to much work :|

If all players without exception were listen to you, what would you ask them to do?

Oh, that’s’ an interesting opportunity… hmm... make some bank run?
Or make some prank.
How about everyone dress like Kim Jong Un, then at the same time try to enter North Korea Embassies? Perfect trolling.

How the simple player can help the game?

Just by playing the game )
Currently the people who are helping the most are the ones the bring new players to society

Finally, a message you want to tell players?

Always remember, that you are unique!
Just like everyone else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you want anoter part of interview with Admin , write your questions in comment below.
if will be some nice questions i will send him and in another half year we will have another part

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Comments (14)

15-01-2019 0:06:31
(6 days ago)


What's wrong with the train button?

14-01-2019 19:53:43
(6 days ago)

I remebered one in suna that Admin help a country to win a batlle by sending Gold to the Org but i dont remeber if it was fake or not . Maybe you can ask him about that and you can ask him if he wants to play as a player on e sim

14-01-2019 16:03:58
(7 days ago)

Why you didn’t asked about train button???

14-01-2019 5:16:08
(7 days ago)

This article lets staff appear like friend of cheaters. It's not right.

14-01-2019 1:50:14
(7 days ago)

Thanks for your efforts

13-01-2019 21:57:44
(7 days ago)

Payers and inviters are protected ? Whaaaaat ?

13-01-2019 19:10:17
(8 days ago)

Voted and subbed, would love to have a part 2 to learn more about Admin, although you should try and have someone spellcheck your article before you post it. I know English isn't everyone's native language but some questions and answers were very hard to make sense of.

I have more of an observation rather than a question, but I guess you could ask him regardless. Facebook has been caught numerous times fabricating clicks for ads and post boosts (just google facebook fraud, facebook boost fake, etc), if Admin is aware of this going on, why still put out ads on that site? If he's not aware, then I'd advise him to try reddit, imageboards and even Twitter if possible. They are by no means without flaws but they seem to have less controversy around their ad system.

Also lol'd at the kid who used his mom's credit card to spend it on e-sim.

13-01-2019 15:54:12
(8 days ago)

Train for the day 2440

13-01-2019 14:50:33
(8 days ago)

Nice... good job.

13-01-2019 14:43:21
(8 days ago)

nice, waiting for part II

13-01-2019 12:48:40
(8 days ago)


13-01-2019 6:38:31
(8 days ago)

Great article. Love that he wants to expand and improve the economic part of the game.

My question for the admin is: "Have you considering implementing an infrastructure and/or technology system for nations as a way of improving their economic production on a national or regional level (or both; like Tech for national, infrastructure for individual regions which is maxed out based on tech level)?"

Would give countries something to spend on besides war and would tie in nicely with a logistics system.

13-01-2019 3:54:24
(8 days ago)

good job, good questions

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