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fight for Freedom!! (Military)
Posted 12 days ago by

So mine beloved Greece is trying free our region/s

Any help is apreciated...

If u love Greek History over Israilian history r Bulgarian History...
and culture... and holidays, beaches, girls then here is time to proove it!!!

Or just hit for fun!!!
Help the weak lke we always like to do!!!

We have some resistances... u can try saw your guns!! or fists!!!

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Comments (29)
11-01-2019 11:22:50
(10 days ago)

tbh if I had any will left to play this shit, I would personally come to Greece to fight against Bulgaria, because *forsomereason* I am quite fed up with them.

11-01-2019 0:56:03
(10 days ago)

Well my friend, looks like you don't know what a troll is either that, or you try to excape from the sh*t you got into by saying that whatever the case may be, I'm not hating you or Greece(nobody in wp does), see you in the battles and who knows, maybe in the future we'll on the same side of the battlefield

10-01-2019 21:32:05
(10 days ago)

I do not want to sound bad,,,,
If you want to help your alliance,you also need to help him.
I did not see any help from Greece when the fear and the Cartel fought
and they still fight very hard,
respect for Greece, but many times the provocations of Greece towards the wolves.
and more precisely towards Turkey and Bulgaria, have their consequences

10-01-2019 20:45:48
(10 days ago)

hahaha my post have success... randoms join to answer in my troll post..

@Runnet nahh i stay primera.. its funny server and i like fun in my game life.

@Psychosocial deeper???? since when troll=butthurt MR??? L@L

@LittleMan Go and find some countries to help you if you want to be fair. hahaha most troll comment

10-01-2019 19:09:46
(11 days ago)

@PalTarO 3 that’s Sparta ! 😁

10-01-2019 14:03:52
(11 days ago)

MrEnigma so what do you want us to do?Split our alliance?Go and find some countries to help you if you want to be fair.

10-01-2019 13:51:21
(11 days ago)

This Was Hellas - LOL, good old times

10-01-2019 13:08:17
(11 days ago)

Chill bois, Chilly is trolling

btw Nikolai look what i found Bau Kyp

10-01-2019 12:55:38
(11 days ago)

Dont cry because you were fighting 1v5 , make good politics and friendships , better allies and etc ... its just game you dont have to be butthurt

10-01-2019 12:54:21
(11 days ago)

hmm I doubt whether I dont know english or your english is just bad , however if you are weak , why someone should help you ? and I think you should figure out your problems alone

10-01-2019 12:30:31
(11 days ago)

actually I think Greece is overrated and my home country(Bulgaria) is hugely underrated

P.S. WolfPack are actually fighting 3 more countries

10-01-2019 12:03:47
(11 days ago)

MrEnigma I wasn't talking about you(*cough* kassi *cough*), but based on your reaction, looks like you see yourself as a butthurt congratulations, you just jumped deeper into the sh*t

10-01-2019 9:00:03
(11 days ago)

That's really pathetic, have respect to yourself and your community :|

10-01-2019 8:35:38
(11 days ago)

So what is ur Points??
they have to say Bye Bye to 2-4 Countris for be Fair?

Wake up ur Ally... before u Cry about 5 VS 1...

that the Game - Now Play it

10-01-2019 8:00:29
(11 days ago)

I mean, I don't have anything against Greece. I even like TheSpartan. But this is the most pathetic cry for help I have ever seen in e-sim history.

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