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Resistance War Tournament (Event related)
Posted 3 months ago by

ok,I want that xD

Let's see how it was when admin announced when will start:

And the first impress of the most of the players was:

There are kinda nice rewards,but hard to obtain:

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Comments (5)
04-01-2019 11:23:37
(3 months ago)

Worst event yet I think, totally worthless... Except if you wanna bh hunt in free rws.

04-01-2019 2:05:34
(3 months ago)

Last pic is the best one )

04-01-2019 0:29:15
(3 months ago)

i will not be here when its end, but 30 hours after it +- i will publish article too

03-01-2019 22:28:27
(3 months ago)

Cianora Hope you gonna give me one of those achievements

03-01-2019 21:52:56
(3 months ago)

Hehe nice article.

But as said before this event only achievements

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