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fundRaising V2 (fix) (Statistics)
Posted 3 months ago by

Sorry but i had to delete last article, i didn't check data for all servers, i checked for primera it was ok so i assume that all is okay, but it wasn't... sorry for that i published it too fast...

google drive

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02-01-2019 12:44:25
(3 months ago)

nah nvm
i will scan my self

tnx anyway

02-01-2019 8:23:24
(3 months ago)

3444 no problem ;p

02-01-2019 1:02:47
(3 months ago)

can i publish in other servers and give you credit?

01-01-2019 16:38:40
(3 months ago)

yeah, this is just public available data, easly only from buygold game earned next ~200k eur, or even more ;p

01-01-2019 16:32:53
(3 months ago)

imagine that a lot people were buying gold before BB equipment start so the amount of money is even bigger at least for primera i am sure that the total amount is higher

As far as i remember the legendary player XmadoX should have bought more than 750euro

01-01-2019 15:00:32
(3 months ago)

funnynoob i'm collecting by script using curl

01-01-2019 14:53:05
(3 months ago)

Yes I understood it already but I am sure there is still mistake somewhere. Since the total donation sum of alpha should be around 800€ bigger. and 11 + names more in list. I did all manually so I am kinda sure about my own info.
May I ask how do u get those info? Edit was so fast that it can't be made manually.

01-01-2019 14:49:58
(3 months ago)

funnynoob on aplha i have 144 donators with 434 donations, last id of fundRaising i collected - 38

01-01-2019 14:42:29
(3 months ago)

There still has to be some sort of mistakes since I got two days ago 155 total donators in alpha. + My calculations that I checked gave me 20€ smaller amount that u have now two days after that. But it should be around 700€ bigger amount. Since u count all BB's into it as I see. (Alpha server)

I understand it is big work and lot of mistakes can be in. At least good to see that € amount have gone little better since total amount of all servers have dropped 50k as I see.

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