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Lithuania - Sweden/Latvia non agression pact (Political)
Posted 3 months ago by
Lithuania Org    

Lithuania - Sweden/Latvia non agression pact

Lithuania declares a peace with Latvia, Sweden.

Latvia/Sweden declares a peace with Lithuania.

Lithuania is not allowed to declare a war and fight in all battles, where Sweden and Latvia are involved.

Sweden/Latvia aren't allowed to declare a war and fight in all battles, where Lithuania is involved.

Damage limit for clickers from both sides is 10kk, 20kk during damage bonus time. Bigger amounts of damage must be compensated.

Penalty for breaking a nap is 500g. Breaking a nap is keeping an action, when one side declares a war to another one or one side resignes to compensate a damage.

Nap is valid from day 2661 until day 2721 with signs from Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden orgs or their leaders.

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Comments (5)
06-01-2019 19:59:01
(3 months ago)


06-01-2019 18:43:29
(3 months ago)

cp of latvia with PK cs ?

19-12-2018 19:21:39
(4 months ago)


19-12-2018 19:21:17
(4 months ago)

signed, CP of Latvia.

18-12-2018 23:05:07
(4 months ago)


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