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200g for 100subs (Event related)
Posted 2 months ago by

2 days ago I reached a new medal,that 100 subs medal that I wanted for long time so to ''celebrate'' this I will make a ''tombola''.I will choose 5 persons from my sub list with random.org , 4 of them receive 25 gold and one of them receive 100g.

So,let's start with the first person which will get 25 gold,number 33 from my sub list sve Delije od Srbije

The second one which will get 25g is number 28 CzekuCZ

Third one which will get 25g is number 82 19Polak10

The last person which will get 25g is number 7 Psychosocial

And now , ''the big prize'' will go to the number 55 tibi

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Comments (10)
08-11-2018 10:00:21
(2 months ago)


07-11-2018 17:41:52
(2 months ago)

Thank you a lot.
That´s the first time I won some prize in lotery

07-11-2018 13:17:01
(2 months ago)

Bune ya :d

07-11-2018 11:45:23
(2 months ago)

Oh, yesterday my team beat Liverpool in Champions League, today i come hangover on esim end see i win on lottery, nice evening and morning... xD

Congratulations on that sub medal my friends, and thanks for this gift. o7

06-11-2018 23:55:47
(2 months ago)

Most amount of subscribers that brought you medal subscribed 2 days ago.

06-11-2018 23:52:51
(2 months ago)

I pay 300

06-11-2018 21:17:50
(2 months ago)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This must be my lucky week..... must pay a lottery ticket right away!

06-11-2018 20:59:37
(2 months ago)

no szenko no party://

btw congratz :3

06-11-2018 19:32:51
(2 months ago)


06-11-2018 19:28:13
(2 months ago)


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