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Last man standing and world wide RW events - brainstorm today at 22:00 (Political)
Posted 5 months ago by
Admin news    

Hello there!

We would like to invite you today on discord #brainstorm channel at 22:00

We would like to collect idea for:

Last man standing event
The idea proposed on the last meeting - the idea is to start the short server, on which countries which are conquered will be eliminated from the game (and their players merged to permanent server).

World wide RW
This one is proposed by Cianora - to start a RW in every possible country.
During the event top MU and players would receive rewards, like badges and items

Alpha server brainstorm & Q&A

See you on discord

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Comments (4)
31-10-2018 21:00:39
(5 months ago)

Was banned for asking questions last brainstorm, brilliant.

31-10-2018 20:09:01
(5 months ago)

Admin news What will win the country who ''survive'' in last man standing?

31-10-2018 18:13:12
(5 months ago)

Another sh*tstorm....

31-10-2018 15:49:11
(5 months ago)

Alpha server brainstorm & Q&A

you invite us to discuss what happens inside other servers which we obviously don't play?

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