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Interview with Federico Rosenfeld (Political)
Posted 8 months ago by

Hello comrades;

Today I bring something special, I made an interview with Federico Rosenfeld .


Federico, Spanish irl was born on the day 9. He's a very experimented player and he has been president for 8 times and congressman for 53 times. He is also the leader of a Military Unit .

Let's begin.

Why did you start playing e-sim?

I saw the link in the "eRebuglik" and I entered casually. By surprise, I found an improved version of the old "eRebuglik" that made me fall in love. And I'm still here I don't even know how many years later.

What makes you keep playing this game?

I'm the leader of one of the best MU's in this server and I have to fulfill that responsibility. Meanwhile, I have the strength for it, i'll keep 2clicking. (Insert epic music)

Why did you move to Ireland?

Mac Vasco invited me. Besides, it's a country I've always admired, so when he proposed to me I didn't doubt for a second.

Which has been your biggest achievement in the game?

I remember as my biggest achievement the defense of the total integrity of Ireland in the wars we fought while I was president. I especially remember the epic wars against de USA of Asuka Langley Soryu while I was president and against Sweeden (thanks Brazil!!) Another big achievement was conjured the try of PTO by the MU Mafia, of Donnie Brasco. For that time, you could not revoke citizenship.

Any player you miss?
¿Algún jugador que eches en falta?
Mac Vasco , LukeZo , Guayre , OndieDbl , DUB , mabre, asdepepe , patada619, Trypanosoma and a long long etc.A lot of them are in the MU memorial.
Talk me about your MU and why it's so important the coffee for you?

Mac Vasco gave me the leadership when he left the game. Since them, I tried to honor his legacy and trust making the MU a reference in eSim about organization, camaraderie y military power. The coffee symbolizes that we keep calm whatever happens.We are not lo-kas. :V

Can you explain to the herejes (heretics) the value, the magnitude of the 619?

The 619 and LeFu guides all our steps, both in eSim and our lives. It's something difficult to understand for the unfaithful but is not our goal to make proselytism. In fact, a lot of people had converted to the lefusiana faith by conviction when we meet.

What will happen to the heretics if they are don't worship the 619?

They will hardly be sodomized by an army of Turkish multi accounts. o619

And we have reached the end of the interview with Federico. Thank's to him for sharing his time with us and you for read. I hope you have learned something about the 619 and LeFu. If you liked it don't forget to vote it and subscribe.


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(7 months ago)


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Ofc no homo ♥

30-07-2018 18:02:36
(8 months ago)

Federico Rosenfeld -> Legend!!! <3 <3

(No homo, as usual :* )

30-07-2018 13:53:10
(8 months ago)

Le Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Lo-Kas to the power o619

30-07-2018 9:23:25
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30-07-2018 6:50:52
(8 months ago)

SMdableub , it was three years ago , according to eSim

30-07-2018 4:15:25
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30-07-2018 2:15:14
(8 months ago)

todas lo-kas

30-07-2018 1:55:24
(8 months ago)

when ireland fought against sweden?

30-07-2018 1:54:57
(8 months ago)


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