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Interview with the Puppetmaster himself! (Political)
Posted 10 months ago by

Dear Readers!

Today here at Helyey News we have a special guest. A 15x president of Hungary, mighty fighter and the most important: the main puppetmaster of e-sim - Hocci .

First I would like to thank you for being here today!

Hocci : Thanks for interviewing me!

Q What brought you to e-sim?

A Before e-sim I played with the other, bigger, similar game (what I wont name here cause they will delete the article). Some of my friends from there told me to try this game out since it is not a p2w game like the other.

Q Why did you choose this nick?

A It kinda came from my surname that is a secret! I used it first time 14 years ago and I use it everywhere on the web since.

Q You have a long career at e-sim, could you tell me how it started?

A Well I consider myself as a soldier and a politician on e-sim. First we made a Military unit with my friends from the other game called Warmongers. It is fast became the no1 military unit in Hungary. Since I am not good at the economy side of the game I did the organizing, recruiting job of the mu. Later the mu changed name and became SHIELD. In a short period of time we became top mu on the international mu list too. Meanwhile I started to build my politician carrier. In the first months I only helped the different governments as minister. After I got enough experience I ran for cp first time and I were cp for another 19 times at least or more I cant really remember (counting the times when I needed to jump in). Beside being a cp I was MC vSC and SC of many alliances in those years.

Q Who are your best friends in Primera?

A I could write down a lot of names here like 2 full pages so sry if I will choose only a few. Most of them are from Hu of course but there are others as well. FlaMi Taylong1 szenko1 Helyey , Kurt Knispel , Danto Dragonslayer , Credus , pajtixxx . There are some new who I just met in the past months like. xNetanel , This Was Hellas , Rust Cohle , Arkadyia , Runnet , and more. And ofc there are old "friends" like tonkica , rajko21 Wandutza and more who we share a long history and friendship. Ofc there are a lot of ppl who I thought were my friends and who disappointed me a lot but I wont list them here. And there are a few with a hard start what ended friendship like sve Delije od Srbije and others.

Q You went inactive for quite some time.Could you tell us why?And why did you return?

A The game is full of bugs, players retire day by day, p2w killed the game, Railman doesn't care and I lived a happy and very busy RL life in that time.

Q What was the best thing you've done until now in e-sim? Something you're proud of.

A There are a lot. Making SHIELD and VTEPA top military units, being leader of many alliances. Delete Poland and LT with The Spectres alliance when they were really op. Kick back Bangladesh to cores and stood up a fight against chiwan. I am the most proud of the fact that no one could wipe Hu when I was cp or vcp. And ofc to achieve The Puppetmaster title here

Q Are there people who you would like to thank for their help or support?

A All my friends from Hungary cause I wouldn't play this game now if they are not here.

Q Last question before the end. There's something you want to say for everyone who reads this interview?

A Stop the hate, try to respect others, play for fun.

These are very great and mature thoughts, thank you for the interview!

I hope you all enjoyed this little interview!
Best wishes,

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Comments (32)
26-07-2018 23:32:51
(10 months ago)

Throughly enjoyed, great interview!

26-07-2018 23:03:11
(10 months ago)

Hotzi <3

26-07-2018 22:38:26
(10 months ago)

Puppermaster you are always in my heart <3

26-07-2018 22:20:21
(10 months ago)

I see you used my avatar.... :/
Not bad, voted

26-07-2018 19:59:52
(10 months ago)


26-07-2018 19:33:31
(10 months ago)

Q Last question before the end. There's something you want to say for everyone who reads this interview?

A Stop the hate, try to respect others, play for fun.


26-07-2018 18:56:34
(10 months ago)

Boulos Abud

i am coming soon

you say that long time ago, but you never come ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

26-07-2018 18:56:04
(10 months ago)

I forgot to tag u Bou <3

26-07-2018 18:46:09
(10 months ago)

All hail Hocci ...

Save a cs for me... i am coming soon...

26-07-2018 18:40:06
(10 months ago)


26-07-2018 18:33:11
(10 months ago)

Vájtpóver O/

26-07-2018 18:04:07
(10 months ago)

<3 <3

26-07-2018 17:52:06
(10 months ago)

"..., try to respect others, ..."?
Esküszöm, ez a gyerek egy humorbomba!

26-07-2018 17:46:36
(10 months ago)

My bitch ♥

26-07-2018 17:38:54
(10 months ago)

Hard start, now hard friendship. o7

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