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UK/ Irish Relations (Political)
Posted 7 months ago by
Ireland Org    

Dear citizens of Ireland,

Thank you for re-electing me to the office of President its good to be back in the hot seat but we have urgent business ahead.

I contacted the new CP of UK to start fresh peace talks which would see every region of Ireland which is occupied by the UK returned to us.

I was generous with the UK in terms of giving them time and space to set out their terms for a possible deal but its unfortunate to report that the UK do not want to return the regions to us.

As President, this makes it difficult to govern properly and for our economy to move ahead but I do not intend on giving up.

I was prepared to donate large sums of gold from my own personal accounts to the UK with the understanding that trust would be built in return for the regions but I was even more surprised when that was turned down.

At this stage, I dont want a war with the UK but I will be leaving the talks process open for a further week to try strike a deal which can work for both the UK & Ireland.

If that does not happen I will then go to the people of Ireland and put the question to them via referendum on what we do next.

In the time ahead I would urge President Tulip Farella to reconsider his hostile position. He has made clear the war was with the last Irish CP but that was NOT me. I'm the CP now and things have changed so using an old grudge as a bargaining chip against a better way forward for the UK & Ireland wont work.

We need you Mr President do do the right thing and strike a good deal with Ireland but we need those regions back and all options are on the table at the moment so go back to your UK Congress talk about giving us our regions back and return to me with your terms for a deal and we in Ireland will give them consideration.

President of Ireland

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Comments (2)
14-07-2018 18:53:22
(7 months ago)

God kill the queen

And you guys are still wondering why Tulip is "so hostile"?

13-07-2018 15:51:10
(7 months ago)

God kill the queen

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