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Posted 1 year ago by

Hello Primera.
Today, I will try something new. Lets try to explain how i see what happenned in France last months with png

First, France were member of Iron Fist Coalition. We had good time with them.

Then Cesar and Indonesia decided to get freedom from Bangladesh. And Ironfist decided to help them !!!

In nearly the same time, a new movement was born. Many players was complaining about some GOs and asked #JusticeForPremera.
Due to this , we had 80% of Primera Vs Bangladesh and friends to "punish" them because Admin did not want to do anything...

After Weeks of Hard Fights, i think we won. Bangla lost A LOT of their regions, and still have only 19 today.
Meanwile, in France, Game became more and more boooooring.....
So we decided to leave the alliance Iron Fist (called Iron Balls now) and attack UK to have some fun.

But... result was not as expected, like a bug in the script :/

OK then... lets see what we can do !


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25-06-2018 17:40:58
(1 year ago)

we insulted him with reason, same reason he quit staff. The problem with bahamas is when we attacked them, you guys started to fight hard against us, thou nothing writes it's your land, but you just call countries as "yours" and blocks others plans, that's the problem. That's what I meant you act like the world is yours

25-06-2018 15:56:09
(1 year ago)

We're taking actions to break the domination

So your last comment that nobody will try to fight us, falls in the waher. You guys insult him in shouts and newspapers for everything, wouldn't you be a little bit mad? And what is the problem with Bahamas??

25-06-2018 13:15:09
(1 year ago)

- we're not just talking, we're taking actions to break the domination
- if you released the region, because if was boring holding them, why ratynyik is on rage?
- correct me, but Bahama isn't part of your coalition, neither you have MPP with them, so why are they part of you?

save your candies, I have my own

25-06-2018 12:48:17
(1 year ago)

let's see:
-You didn't talk when we were neutral and have you tried to compete so that you know we are out of competition?
-Our conquests were not so long, and I do not know if anyone left the game because of that. No one was bored, but we, so we released all these regions without a fight.
-No one thinks that the whole world is our, but if you think so, it's great for us. On sailor week we stoper you just bcs you attack us first. As srpski said, we will stop all of your attacks.
-I do not see any shout or newspaper where we were looking for help. Have we ever paid a second unit to shoot for us?? Or maybe we were looking for a nap sometime when we do not have an exit??

At the end child, If you want a candy, we can always give it to you.

25-06-2018 9:19:59
(1 year ago)

let's see:
- Making OP alliance, which nobody can really contest?
- Conquering half of the world, and keeping them erased till they get bored and stop playing?
- Thinking the whole world is yours just because you're strong and doesn't let anybody else to have so success? (last sailors week your coalition stopped 2 of our attack, just because you said that land is yours, you had 3 italian and chiwan players there)
- When we have a somewhere balanced war, making one of our ally to join you to be again overpowered?
- If you ever lose regions, you start whining like a baby and threats everybody with your revenge, so maybe nect time nobody even try to fight with you?

You guys only like to play with much weaker enemies, without honor. What you call "fighting" is just taking candy from kids

25-06-2018 0:27:14
(1 year ago)

This game is dead already, mostly thanks to you guys.

And how we did it? Is that because we fight in the game which requires fighting, or because we didn't signed NAP with someone who attack us??

You asked #JusticeForPrimera, you got her, what is next what we need to do to bring life back in this game or to have a nice stay here for you??

To sign some NAP, stop fighting, make popcorn and watch how you mocking us with "meme war" or quit this game??

24-06-2018 19:46:39
(1 year ago)

I can only repeat myself, seems like you have problem with reading:

such wow, so terrified, let me change my diapers

for weaker minds like you I'll explain: I don't give a f*** if you occupy us, this game is dead already, mostly thanks to you guys.

24-06-2018 16:44:33
(1 year ago)

FlaMi no men ... i will kill any IF member , you wanted this war not me .. now u have war ..
i left my Staff position, did u realy think that i will stop now ? no i will not stop , now i can use all my skils include politics and war skils , and btw it is so funny to me now ..

just to mentone , do not forgot from where we are .. if Pirates back to Serbia u will be deleted for a long time , do not push me to do such hard moves


24-06-2018 16:19:24
(1 year ago)

even IF or IB disolve i will hunt tham personaly one by one
such wow, so terrified, let me change my diapers.

srpski_ratnik stop playing you don't know, you killed the game already

23-06-2018 22:11:17
(1 year ago)

You must sleep very hard when you keep thinking about us. o7

23-06-2018 19:20:06
(1 year ago)

srpski_ratnik and do u think I care lol U are being a little bit attached to this game dont u think?

ALSO ! we win in Idia becouse india players are my friends and they do not allowe anyone to attack Bangladesh from there ,
also we will protect India forever in this game , they show us how person are they , and we will respect India . India got biggest friend now ,Bangladesh!


23-06-2018 18:37:18
(1 year ago)

srpski_ratnik not banned yet ? tic tac...

23-06-2018 17:38:35
(1 year ago)

Blablabla, you're not frightening anyone you looser haha

23-06-2018 17:26:35
(1 year ago)

I can say just one thing.
I'm going to f*ck your cores Arkadyia and Napoleon IV .
Wait me

23-06-2018 16:15:17
(1 year ago)

Big joke hahahahah.

#deletefrance => #francedeleted

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