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Pact between United Kingdom and Norway (Political)
Posted 10 months ago by
United Kingdom Org    

A conversation between Norwegian president and Me lead us to a pact with the conditions below:
1. The UK will gain full control of the regions: 1. Sorlandet | 2. Vestlandet | 3. Trondelag
2. The UK will only set the 3 named battles and not anymore.
3. Norway will not damage over 1.5m each round.
4. Norway will not set battle orders on any UK battle.
5. The agreement is valid for 30 days.
6. Norway can open RW after 30 days.
7. A sign peace law will be submitted by the UK president after the named battles are over.
8. the UK will keep the regions until the end of the pact.
9. The agreement will start when CP of each country signs it. President Alpay of the United Kingdom and President Eldkraft of Norway must sign this article for the agreement to be enforceable.
10. In case of the broken pact, the country which broke the pact will be liable to pay 69 gold fine to the other country's National Org.

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Comments (3)
15-06-2018 9:18:36
(10 months ago)

69 gold ?

13-06-2018 22:05:53
(10 months ago)

CP of Norway

13-06-2018 21:52:00
(10 months ago)

President of the United Kingdom.

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