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Changed date of Nebula launch. (Political)
Posted 7 months ago by
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Hello Citizens!

We are sad to announce that due to some technical issues we won’t be able to launch new Nebula server today at midnight.
We have some game-breaking issues and we cannot open it today. So new launch date is set to 21th of June.
In addition we are going to add completely new tournament we’ve been working on lately and finally we will be able to implement it to the game with server launch. More info about new cup soon

e-Sim Team

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Comments (16)
14-06-2018 9:25:53
(7 months ago)

Thank God ... We need a Break too ... In fact dont do it before one more server ends .. 5 at max at time!

14-06-2018 6:28:11
(7 months ago)

You should delay it until the following conditions are met.

1) Work out a majority of the bugs before announcing a release date, give yourself time to perfect the new server and for any last minute changes(minor ones, not game-breaking ones). Maybe even do a beta-test run for a week to make sure it's up to par. (A good way for players to earn that Tester medal I'd say).

2. Stabilize current servers. I've had issues accessing primera and xaria(the other speed server) more often recently, especially with xaria which prevents me from training and working at a decent times with no way to make up for it. How will Nebula run well if it's even higher pace than Xaria, which is plagued with issues?

3. Can't stress this one enough so I will say it again, give yourself time to work s**t out. It will work out better in the long run instead of rushing out crappy servers.

13-06-2018 22:07:22
(7 months ago)

u need to fix primera

13-06-2018 21:13:36
(7 months ago)

Maybe needs one more potato! MOAR POWAH!

13-06-2018 18:32:47
(7 months ago)

S M U G G L A Z Wrong.

Nebula is a Luphomoid assassin, an adopted daughter of the intergalactic warlord, Thanos and adopted sister of Gamora!

13-06-2018 18:29:45
(7 months ago)

Nebula is a virus... What do you mean NEBULA?

13-06-2018 17:53:28
(7 months ago)

Nebula? nebula is a fvcking virus.

13-06-2018 17:40:22
(7 months ago)

Fix Primera!

Or merge all servers in one(a good one)

13-06-2018 17:35:20
(7 months ago)

Pray for Primera

13-06-2018 17:15:49
(7 months ago)

relaunch primera or do somthign

13-06-2018 16:44:49
(7 months ago)

Article online since one hour, meanwhile the Server timed out 10 times .

13-06-2018 15:46:52
(7 months ago)


13-06-2018 15:33:38
(7 months ago)

szenko1 ROFL

13-06-2018 15:23:31
(7 months ago)

Try not launching it at all instead

13-06-2018 15:22:38
(7 months ago)

Fix main Servers !
Bring new torunaments to primera !
Fix award system of Mu cup !

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