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No new server , how bou dah? (Event related)
Posted 7 months ago by
Call me daddy    

Aaaaaand once again....

Aaaaahm Admin ... Can you not?

I see people are protesting about it and they have the right. See, we all know how profitable and worth the effort are those new servers and I am glad that you are trying to make something different but... PRIMERA IS DYING!!!

I completely agree with the ones that are against playing the new server and I won't even though it seems interesting. I have put years of work into my account here and it just pains me to see what this place has turned into. Fix Primera and then make new servers , yeah?

For everyone that cares for this server at least a tiny bit and for the hard work put into each of our accounts I suggest you do not play the new server. I know you bring premium from there and all that but if Primera dies many of us won't have anywhere left to bring the premium... *siiiighs* So please , let's...


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13-06-2018 22:10:07
(7 months ago)

For a guy who merged twice (or more) from a temp server and complains about new servers, this seems a bit, hypocritical?

13-06-2018 18:09:07
(7 months ago)


13-06-2018 15:28:21
(7 months ago)


13-06-2018 9:29:46
(7 months ago)


12-06-2018 19:47:17
(7 months ago)


12-06-2018 19:12:52
(7 months ago)


12-06-2018 18:54:13
(7 months ago)


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