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No servers launching soon ! (Political)
Posted 7 months ago by

I for myself stop to Play new Servers from now on aslong the game is full uf Bugs.

It is good to see that the creators come up with new idears and game changes but it brings just more bugs and problems. Make the main game running without problems, then I will play temp servers again, maybe.

I know I alone can`t make any change so feel free to join me, write articles on your own on every server and stop playing temp. servers, so admin has to react because otherwise he has no money left to pay his rent .

By the way if this new server can merge aswell it will be such a game destroyer for the main servers.

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13-06-2018 12:33:28
(7 months ago)

Well its not true.

The people who invest money in the new servers are from the old ones. And they lose interest more and more if the game stays buggy or moderator community is not controlled. Its like a tree, we are the bottom and with the water we get from the ground we help new branches and leaves to grow but if we get mouldy the new servers have no base to grow on.

13-06-2018 11:25:44
(7 months ago)

Being a temp server specialist, being on all 10 past temp servers, i know how you feel about these. but remember, the temp servers are the backbone of keeping the other 3 alive. without them you woudlnt been the German leader everyone knew.

Don't trust me? check the BBs in the new servers compared to the perm servers. that's how e-sim is still alive. attempting to spread bad propaganda means a dead e-sim.

12-06-2018 13:05:28
(7 months ago)

i will 2click there for gold work. just like on xaria. nothing more

12-06-2018 10:16:25
(7 months ago)

fck temp servers

Since you can't buy premium for gold anymore, i'm not interested in those anymore

12-06-2018 0:17:25
(7 months ago)

i wil play !

1000 premium days is my personal goal for this new srvs.

have a nice day .

11-06-2018 22:32:02
(7 months ago)


11-06-2018 21:51:15
(7 months ago)

I am with you.
Dont play new servers !

11-06-2018 16:56:27
(7 months ago)

Well I was one of this "everyone" once.

If everyone thinks that it makes no sense and Plays for premium etc. Nothing will Change.

11-06-2018 16:43:58
(7 months ago)

Still everyone will play temp servers..

11-06-2018 15:45:53
(7 months ago)

Hab ehrlich gesagt besseres zu tun als rund um die uhr jeden tag esim auf irgendwelchen speed servern zu spielen

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