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Approval rating (Robija) (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by
Bql Drakon    

How you rate the job of Robija as a staff member?
60.55 % Terrible
16.51 % No opinion about
11.00 % Perfect
4.58 % Good
4.58 % Bad
2.75 % More or less
Total votes: 109

Hello e-simers!

The staff member to be rated today is the GO Robija .

With regards,

Bql Drakon

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Comments (17)
11-06-2018 10:43:06
(1 year ago)

Jack White, do you have your own, personal moral concept or you just repeat popular phrases? I'm not asking do you accept my arguments. I'm asking - do you understand them? Do you understand, WHY I say it? What are your own thoughts on this subject?

Also... Do you think we have enough GO's in support? Are you happy with the level of service they provide?

11-06-2018 9:23:14
(1 year ago)

Panda, just because your moral accepts it, it doesn't mean that it is legal. If he wants to be involved in politics, he can do what just ratnik did.

10-06-2018 22:46:02
(1 year ago)

Looks like people don't think about one more thing - if Robija would be inequitable GO, but not a active Bangladesh player, he still could abuse his powers.

Almost nothing would change, except they would lose active player. I don't think it's fair at this point/stage of the game.

For the record - I haven't spoken with Robija in years. I'm not defending him as a GO or person. I just think situation has changed from the point when we started playing, Eldkraft .

10-06-2018 22:36:02
(1 year ago)

Exactly, they did it because they are very strong MU. And they wrote that article about releasing all colonies, like many of us would do. I may be wrong, but I think what they meant was "We reached our goal! We have no intention to keep them occupied, all smaller countries now can start RW's and take back their cores". Sounds logical and fair to me.

At the same time rules are written, when we had thousands of players. But now we have in average 2-3 active players per country or even less. So in general if player wants to be GO, he has to give up his country and leave it to what? One person to give supplies and coordinate everything?

Long time ago I would say it's bad, when player is GO and is in politics. Even now it's bad, I agree. But at the same time I don't want to force countries to stay with 1-2 leaders (or no leaders at all), if only GO doesn't act inequitable. And because none from those haters can say, how exactly Robija abused his powers, I don't mind he's GO.

10-06-2018 21:33:27
(1 year ago)

God no! They did it because they are way to powerful MU. And when you do shit like that AND are a GO that supposed to be neutral and not affect the game in politacal ways as the staff rules says. Atleast last time a read them.

Has nothing to do that they are GO, the fact that they did it while being a GO is the point. I thought that shined thru all my flame posts

Maybe i'm wrong, but if I was GO, i wouldnt run for CP/CM, and i would sure as hell not be in such MU that sides with Chiwan. It's just wrong in my book. And i guess in others to.

Being a staff in here is like a RL politician, you cant do whatever floats your goat. Gotta rise above such powertrips as "we are giving back 82 regions, adore us", "look at my damage that i accumulated as SGO".

I like you PandaLT , you almost always have a voice of reason, and not many understand the game as you do. BUt you gotta see what all the fuss is about. It's just wrong.

10-06-2018 21:04:11
(1 year ago)

Robija and his fellow MU friend/former SGO GO GOA whatever is, if I may say so, one of the worst things that has happend to Primera.

I bet only small part from Primera players would agree with that. And those who will, they (almost) all gonna be from losers side. But never mind.

Just to clarify: you
claim PIRATES conquered 82 regions because they had GO(s) in MU?

10-06-2018 19:58:33
(1 year ago)

It's not worthless, it's just not PC!

So please stop it with your banalities. Noone is voting on the fact how Robija is as a person, i'm hoping they are voting on the subject at hand; how is robija as GO.

But if we flip it around and made a poll about how Railman is as a Admin for this game no one would bat an eye.
Would you still: No no this aint fair, LEAVE ADMIN ALONE!

Robija and his fellow MU friend/former SGO GO GOA whatever is, if I may say so, one of the worst things that has happend to Primera.

The former glory of Primera is gone, so are the former staff. iPSi and essex was the better one, to me anyways. And they would NOT joined the same MU and total FRICK the 82 powerful regoins around the globe...lol.

I'm out!

10-06-2018 18:31:32
(1 year ago)

Worthless poll, basically encourages witchhunting. im not voting on these anymore judging by what everyone is saying.

10-06-2018 17:40:33
(1 year ago)

kids how can any one of you coment or even worse rate a person you do not know

10-06-2018 17:08:59
(1 year ago)

Does your lies makes you feel better? Or maybe smarter? One of worse your comments

OK, I can share with people, what I really think:
1. This is worthless poll, reasons bellow (you just confirmed that);
2. Do I think active player should be GO (or vice versa)? No.
3. But...

There are so few smart people left in this game. With every day it's harder and harder to find good GO's. But it's also hard to find good, active leaders for MU and/or country. Would person like you become a CP, if we had more players? No way. But you where elected, because in some strange way your country doesn't have smart active person, who wants to be CP.

The same situation is in other countries and MU's. And I believe it's with GO. So...

If we are close to lose smart/active people as GO's or MU/country leaders because of this rule, I choose to allow people to do everything they want/can. Inequity is easy to discover in such small community as we have left now.

10-06-2018 13:42:32
(1 year ago)

No pandalt most of this players vote because robija is an active player in politics too therefore he shouldnt be on staff. Remember when u were on the same opinion before chiwan and bang allowed u to be their slaves and ofc u choosed the easy way?

Now only their words come out from your mouth

10-06-2018 10:55:49
(1 year ago)

Worthless poll. Most of these haters are not ranking Robija as GO, they simply hate that he's an active player. And, to be honest, I don't believe all these voters had their cases solved by Robija.

10-06-2018 8:26:07
(1 year ago)

Robija ? - the man who was hired by srpski ? - of course terrible

09-06-2018 22:31:46
(1 year ago)

ahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahah hohohohohohohooh unbelivable! congrats to new staff members tho trololo

09-06-2018 12:44:47
(1 year ago)

R E S I G N. and quit game.

Bangla with chiwan has done nothing but killing this server. Well admin has his part in in too but these ***** surely helped aswell.

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