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Anime Review: One Punch Man (Fun)
Posted 7 months ago by
Asuka Langley Soryu    

So, if you haven't seen this yet, put down the eSim and just go watch it.

It's on Hulu. It's on Netflix. There's no excuse.

Why are you still reading this?

Okay, I guess you'll need some convincing, then.

A very common nerdfight argument that's come up, many years ago at this point is 'Who would win in a fight; Superman or Goku?'

The answer is One Punch Man.

This is a series that examines the idea of Superhero's and, specifically, extremely over-powered Superheros. One Punch Man takes the concept to it's furthest extreme by doing exactly as the name implies. Saitama kills everything in a single punch. This sounds boring and it is, but not for the audience. It's boring for Saitama and it's his boredom with everything he encounters that makes this among the best comedy anime ever. While the big bad is monologuing his way to his final form, Saitama is troubled by the realization that he forgot what day of the week it is before casually destroying whatever that thing was and hurrying to the market.

It's an incredible inversion of Dragonball and the million anime that have aped that formula.

The thing that makes this all so brilliant, however, is that it's not all about the comedy. In fact, the comedy stems almost entirely from its juxtaposition with the, very real, drama and tension, built into those around him. Most often, this is from the perspective of Saitama's sidekick, Genos. In any normal anime, Genos would have been the protag, being self-serious and focused, but here he discovers that his otherwise incredible abilities and powers are dwarfed by Saitama and so becomes his student.

Genos is the only one who truly understands the extent of Saitama's power and diligently studies under him, while Saitama does his best to bulls*** through a Student/Master relationship he kind of just bumbled into. Even after the two join a hero's guild, Saitama goes mostly unrecognized through a mixture of circumstance, bureaucracy and the basic inability of people to believe what they just witnessed; all in a way that is entirely too believable. The farcical nature of the guild becomes more and more apparent as in-fighting, bickering and popularity contests seem to drive many heros more than the Earth-shattering disasters they face on a day to day basis.

I'm going to say I recommend the subtitles on this one. The dub isn't bad, but it doesn't much standout as being particularly good either and, in my opinion, Saitama's voice sounds too much like a normal hero trying to sound bored. The dialogue isn't so dense as to be distracting from the amazing action, either so you won't be frustrated trying to decide what to pay attention to if you read a bit slow (like me ^_^).

One thing I should talk about that is absolutely outstanding is the opening.

Go to the top and click my banner.

It's just so f***ing hype.


Every time I listen, I just want to go out and find the thing I can punch that will solve all the world's problems.

It's just overwhelming in it's absolute commitment to it's 80's metal aesthetic and takes it to 11, then takes it over 9000.

Nothing I said can possibly do the show justice and you should have just gone and watched it, when I told you to.

Even if you don't like anime, but you like Superhero culture, you should check this out.

It's really that brilliant.

Season 2 is probably going to (FINALLY) get a release date in August? Maybe? Hopefully? Anyway, you should catch up now. This series is based on a manga and before that a webcomic that is still ongoing and very popular, so I'm hopeful we'll have laughs and goosebumps for years to come.

If anime is like the weather, One Punch Man is the f***ing KT extinction event.


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Comments (9)
07-06-2018 21:43:41
(7 months ago)

And suddenly I was surrounded by bunch of kids

07-06-2018 5:15:59
(7 months ago)

janniemoney , I'm only now writing a review on eSim.

Although, I do tend to lag behind on anime a bit, not nearly that much.

There's so much of it and so much of it is so generic, I wait for people to figure out the good stuff and check it out once I've some idea that it's worth watching.

I write these reviews mostly because I like using my banner and signature images, but I've really not much else to say. ^^

07-06-2018 1:08:44
(7 months ago)

Tokyo ghoul now i will watch this after it xD

07-06-2018 0:53:05
(7 months ago)

I can't wait for season 2.. I watched all episodes (and extras) atleast 6-7 times, and will do it few more times until season 2 comes

Best anime world has to offer

07-06-2018 0:10:07
(7 months ago)

And you discovered this gem only now?? XD

You should read the manga too, its a real recomendation.

06-06-2018 19:08:57
(7 months ago)

Well, paranoidmelon won't even let me post rabb.it links because >piracy, so I err on the side of caution. ^^

06-06-2018 15:49:55
(7 months ago)

be smart pirate it

06-06-2018 12:08:30
(7 months ago)

So, so, so obviously.

06-06-2018 10:26:56
(7 months ago)


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