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Sinan Sakic



Interesting (Fun)
Posted 8 months ago by
Sinan Sakic    

Hello dear readers and friends,

Long time no article from me.That is because I do not have much time to spend on E-sim, and now I found some to share with you some funny and interesting things, despite to inactivity on this server, so lets start.


What do we have here hmmm, this one is from old testura and from player Namir_Pl
I remember that he shoted against all players of testura, and his berserks were about 20kk with all bonuses ofc

Okay, that is enough, now lets go to some serious pics








Thats it for now people, just keep voting, smiling and playing Primera for more
Thank you for your attention and support, sincerely yours Sinan Sakic

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Comments (2)
25-05-2018 13:44:52
(8 months ago)

dagero Thank you

25-05-2018 13:33:42
(8 months ago)

Kk Good one

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