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Looking for/Selling EQ. (Trade)
Posted 1 year ago by
Bql Drakon    

Hello everyone and welcome back to another article related to trade.

Today in this article I will show some people selling and looking for some equipment.

If you want to announce your stuff too (weapons, wood, diamonds etc.) or you're looking for something, send me a PM and I will put it here as soon as possible.

A long time ago I used to compared all products in e-Sim Market and publish the cheapest values here. Maybe in a few days I return making those articles.

But let's go to what is important!


Idaho 200.00Gold
Idaho 510.00Gold
Idaho 450.00Gold
Idaho PM
Idaho PM

Looking for:

SonGokuCro Q5 Shoes or LC Miss/Miss

And that's all. I hope you liked this little article, not much but I hope to start doing these kind of articles as I used to.

Thanks for your attention, I really appreciate it.

With regards,

Bql Drakon

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30-04-2018 16:55:24
(11 months ago)


24-04-2018 20:54:21
(1 year ago)

q3 lc with miss anyone?

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