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E-Trade (Trade)
Posted 1 year ago by

Hello dear readers! I would like to invite you to our E-Trade server in Discord.
Probably most of you know about the trade channels in IRC... E-Trade is the same, but for the fans of Discord
You can join the server using this link CLICK

Wait what is E-Trade? What I can do there?

E-Trade is place, where you can sell/buy/exchange products, dmg or whatever you want (connected with e-Sim) with players from all around the world.

When you join the server, you will see these channels:

First of all you need to read what is written in #rules and follow the rules.
As you can see there have more 6 channels for each server. You can post your offer there or look the other offers and if you like some of them, you can send a PM to the player.

If you need help or have appeals of a moderator, you can join the E-Trade support channel (the inviting link is in #rules)

YOU can help E-Trade by inviting your friends in the server! Let's make E-Trade bigger to be more useful for all of us
We'll be very thankful to every player, that helps us with our mission..

Regards: Idaho

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Comments (10)
21-04-2018 22:02:36
(1 year ago)

големия син бутон в менюто горе е за същото

21-04-2018 7:54:24
(1 year ago)


21-04-2018 0:57:56
(1 year ago)

Selling Q6 Pants crit+avoid, pm me

20-04-2018 21:19:14
(1 year ago)


20-04-2018 17:43:03
(1 year ago)

Selling q1 weapons.

20-04-2018 15:37:49
(1 year ago)

Invite expired

20-04-2018 9:09:23
(1 year ago)

Selling Q6 offhand miss / miss.
Pm me

20-04-2018 8:17:04
(1 year ago)

Buying Q5 weapons. PM me

20-04-2018 6:31:29
(1 year ago)

Looking for
Q6 Shoes Increase chance to avoid damage
Increase maximum damage

write me for the price

20-04-2018 1:36:43
(1 year ago)

Looking for Q5 Pants miss/miss

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