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Happy Birthday Estonia (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by

Time flies!

I believe my favourite country Estonia is celebrating the centennial today (Saturday). Those hundred years were dramatic but it seems to have ended very well. Unfortunately I can't join the partying in Estonia. However I recently visited Tallinn and brought home a box of real Estonian beer. So I'll celebrate from over here with a couple of A le Coq premium. I got enough for the whole weekend.

Cheers and terviseks

p.s. Don't forget to vote on the election on Sunday. Preferably on me

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Comments (3)
24-02-2018 19:21:05
(1 year ago)

Happy Birthday Brothers!!

24-02-2018 18:54:20
(1 year ago)

teie ja meie vabaduse eest

24-02-2018 6:32:58
(1 year ago)

Hail Estonia

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