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Welcome to ☣Dark Revolution☣ (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by
Mercenary GT    

A cordial greeting to all the readers, friends and allies who see this article!

I am Mercenary GT the current CP of Guatemala

The intention of this article is to warn all the citizens of Guatemala and their allies that our Coalition has a new ally, a few days ago the union of this ally was tried until finally our goal was achieved!

This new ally of Guatemala and member of the Coalition ☣Dark Revolution☣ will have the support of our troops for their battles, and Guatemala will have the support of this strong ally "Egypt"

I declare that as of today, Egypt will be an ally of Guatemala ...
Over time we will seek to improve our political and military relations and together we will fight for our uprising and our fight against our enemies.

This agreement was carried out directly with the current PC of
" osamaos340 " and the current CP of
" Mercenary GT " that together we will sign the agreement to declare this Alliance: Officially Successful

Therefore, the citizens of both countries can support in any situation that any of these 2 countries are going through, through Facebook, Private Message in the game, or they can enter our official Discordia channel → "☣Dark Revolution☣ " Here you can notify us about any problem o I need it to arise, in the channel there will be organized surveys or strategies where you can discover everything that can happen.

☣Dark Revolution☣



Comments (2)
19-02-2018 9:49:40
(1 year ago)

Together for freedom !

19-02-2018 3:38:01
(1 year ago)

Together we will be stronger and The world will see what we will be in the near future

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