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New Order Party - Our destiny (Political)
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Hello everyone. Today, I come to bring the PNO story back to the memory of this server, explain how we came to be and how we became the greatest power in Brazil. Come on?

Step1: ORB

When I started, on the server america, I noticed that there were political careers in E-Sim, which made me addicted to this game. I fought and did missions until I reached lvl 8, in order to be able to enter a party and fight for PLURIPARTIDARISM. (At the time only 2 parties dominated the national scene).

Thus, I entered the ORB (Brazilian Order), which was a dead party, with one or another cat pingado. Soon I began the mobilization that would lead to the renewal of the party. I started by calling all members in private and recruiting new players. With that, the ORB jumped from 7 players to 19.

At this time, came in poperk, zikonos, moredson, Fitio and some others. With summer vacations, I only came in twice a day and stayed for a short time, but I always kept the united party via WhatsApp and so we grew.

Step2: The Blow.

During the holidays, a player from here decided to play seriously in America and entered the ORB. This would be very helpful in bringing experience, however, the same began to conspire. It initiated its movements bringing several friends of the first one to register in the American and, consequently, to join the ORB.

Not stopping there, he brought in members from other parties, including robbing congressmen, causing the total number of members to jump to more than 40. With totally divergent ideas (including supporting stealing from congressmen and members of other parties), this coup- Leader of ORB.

Step3: Partido Novo(Literally)

With the leadership in the hands of scammers, MEDICO_DO_ALEM decided to leave the party and found a new one, since TAKE OVER would be irreversible and some ideas would be impracticable within the new ORB, ideas like: WhatsApp exclusivity , Creation of the Official Diary of the Party and restriction in the number of candidacies.

Thus, MEDICO_DO_ALEM and some players (3) founded the NEW PARTY, where these ideas were implemented. At this stage, Caio_Ortiz got on the boat and began to assist in party creation and so the party began to show its strength, including electing 2 congressmen even having only 5 members and the election being in less than 1 week of your creation.

Over time, the scammer fell and the good ORB wing regained control, and at the end of the server, most of the active members migrated to the NEW PARTY, completing its growth to the point of becoming the second largest party of america (In affiliated and in prestige).

Setp 4: "Partido da Saúde" e "PARTIDO DA NOVA ORDEM"(New Order Party)

With the proximity of the merge, the affiliates of the ORB and the NEW PARTY (In this time almost a single party) were oriented so that they created account in the first server. With this, the need arose for a party to shelter them, thus appearing HEALTH PARTY.

After the merge, the group voted and decided on the new name, a fusion of NEW PARTY with BRAZILIAN ORDER, and then the NEW ORDER PARTY. This party maintained the position of not adopting ideologies but acting through representation, representing the new players (and assisting them) and now representing the players that came from the server america, thus remaining until today.

Step5: PNO - Growing in PRIMERA

In the first election, a considerable number of congressional seats were conquered, and in the following, it obtained an absolute majority of the congress. Not only that, since then the PNO has always had the largest number of seats and has already elected 3 presidents in a row, putting an end to the era of centralizing presidents.

Now the government is a team. The congress, which was once pulled from the presidency, is now autonomous and votes independently. The policy that stands still and monotonous, now revolves around the political multipolarization, which includes the old, the PNO and the novices, bringing great wealth to the opinions and political competences of Brazil.


With incredible teamwork, the PNO has taken on Iceland and is transforming this small country into its sweet and beloved home. So we can say from today that we live no longer in Iceland, but in PNOLAND !!

With this, I close the presentation of the PNO story !!! The next phase of this story can be written by YOU !! So come and meet our party. Filipe-se !!! OUR TIME CAN BE EVEN GREATER WITH YOUR PRESENCE !!!

O Redator mais gostoso #ECA mano# da America - RIP America
O Redator mais do além #é cocada boa, não é?# do PRIMERA

Como alexandre5 vê MEDICO_DO_ALEM

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