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[No. 002] NewDayMedia (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by

A few days back
Lithuania has started a not very important war for colonys. So far it was very successful winning 3 out of 3 battles, defending every rw and moving onto 4tyh victory.
Latvia has put up impressive show for Lithuanians. Even with the fact that numbers are against them (Latvia) they still fight and fight A LOT.

After all
Latvia's morality if falling after loosing high region and capital in the first few days. But even with that in mind there will be few Latvians who will resist till the real end.

A long time ago I asked few people for their opinion on Evo fall. Because a lot of time has passed we can already discus how accurate their opinion has been.


The disolving process of Evolution changes nothing. Still the countries Stick together And Fight us

This time KFZV was quite accurate. The fall of evo changes only minor things, because as he say "Still the countries Stick together". I invite everyone to continue the discussion in the comments


EVO in e-sim is an very old ally. After it's creation every has changed - CP's, active players, activity, and their numbers. It's totally normal that after all of the factors changed EVO has fallen apart. If we look at
Serbia's ambitions and selfishness,
Romania's and few other members position not to help others that had to happen even earlier. But enemy kept them together. But after EVO had lost to TRT the ally was more of a obstacle rather then advantage.

Well, first of all I have to mention that I translated this text, so if there is any mistakes blame me. Panda was even more accurate then KFZV. We can see insane insight to the every element that makes country and ally. Panda's message was that every move effects something in one or another way. Maybe this all would have never happened if
Romania was more friendly and helped their ally's. We don't know, we can only speculate. As before I invite to continue the discussion in comments.


Speaking about the fall of EVO I'm happy. After one year of fighting, lots of resources and time used we finally reached the victory.

Once again blame me for translation. Asmaday took a different point of view from Panda. She happy, because the time and resources weren't wasted and were put up to a good use. She doesn't really talk about the effects that impacted the server after EVO fell, so we cant really talk about her insight ability . And like before I invite to continue the discussion in comments.

I would like to say sorry for taking so long to put this interview up. I hope we can still discus about EVO even after few weeks. Once again, your criticism is appreciated.
P.S: The interview is about 3 weeks old

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