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Tribute to the King (Fun)
Posted 1 year ago by
Anonimni zajebant    

Hello all o/
Tonight is the big night,
For all hardcore fans, Breaking news!
Vikings season 5 is almost there!
As we approaching the season five in big excitment, now is the really good moment to remember our fallen, never forgoten King Ragnar

First things first, when we speak about Ragnar, we also need to speak about overcoming of boundaries
Critical point of show and one of the biggest overcoming of boundaries is momment of Ragnar's death, death of main-role character
Now, it will be very interesting to see how the show will go on, beacause I see no character who can replace main role, but that is the story for next time

Next overcoming of boundaris is definitely Ragnar's courage to step into unknown
While everybody around him wanted to stay in comfort zone, he was the only one who dared to explore
His ability to think out of the box made him what he is
'Cuz if we stay closed we will never know what is down the road
Curiosity is powerfull tool to acquire knowledge

Next important step in overcoming of boundaries is Ragnar's attitude towards religion
Here we come to to one of most interesting moments!
Ragnar's attitude towards religion were constantly changing over the seasons
His feelings about religion culminated at the moment when he halfly accepted christianity
At the end he stay's in very commplex relations with two religions, Pagan and christianity, but he still stood in constant reconsideration about both of them as his role demand
And here we again see his ability to think out of the box, 'cuz he was Pagan, but he was still openminded for new and unknown.

When we speak about Ragnar's progression through the seasons, he experienced whole spectrum of human states
From an ordinary farmer, he became earl, from earl the King and from the King to a homless man
His role expiranced all of it, so by some logic his death was natural aspect of show
Anyways, all congrats to Travis Fimmel who nailed role and his god damn blue eyes (I know there's a bit photoshop but nvm XD )

Now, here's some more interesting moments:

Sorry for the long post, hope you liked it
Here's some beauty for you

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