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[No. 001] NewDayMedia grand opening (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by

Hello to every living organism on earth. This is my brand new newspaper called NewDayMedia. This newspaper has no real goal. It can be about anything from A to Z. Anyway I have few topics for today and hope the time will fly past reading this newspaper. Have fun reading!

By the time of writing this article following countries left Evolution alliance:
Poland. This let's TRT to be the strongest alliance of e-sim. No future plans are known to keep Evolution together. All we know that time will show this.

Evolution was the one of the strongest alliances in e-sim. Now a lot of people are discussing what effect will this have on the whole server. We can only hope that if there's any damage it's minor.

The search for another strong alliance begins. Will there be someone new that can challenge TRT now?

The short termed war between
Ukraine and
Romania has ended two days ago with a dominant win. Ukraine managed to overcome bigger population with their active citizens. Only few believed that this war can end in domination, but it did. No one knows what made the Romanians be so inactive and give up so easily. Congratulations to Ukraine for this spectacular performance.

Currently Ukraine has no active wars.

Here comes the end to my short article. Hope that everyone enjoyed their time here and will read my newspaper regularly. Your criticism is appreciated.

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Comments (4)
26-11-2017 18:05:23
(1 year ago)

tibi yep i understand.

26-11-2017 18:02:55
(1 year ago)

Just remember SMdableub not so long ago when Croatia or Hungary both in Evolution had Slovenia ocupied for monts, and Serbia occuping MKD for years. It was not boring for them at that time against Mercy.....

25-11-2017 14:27:20
(1 year ago)

Nice Article!.

25-11-2017 13:28:23
(1 year ago)

Nice article!

Will there be someone new that can challenge TRT now

No, most of the world-leaders are to afraid. And TRT had made it very clear that the purpose was not to dissolve EVO(wich now is dead) but instead to wipe Serbia and Croatia( they seem to not like these countries for some reason). So lets see how long this boring shit will last.

And why is it boring? If you can stock limits from your best MU's before cups and still manage to win most of your battles then i would say that the state of game is really boring and not balanced at all

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