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We need to talk about racism. (Fun)
Posted 1 year ago by


Hello everyone !! Yesterday, I received a message from a person I had never talked to before, whether by IRC, E-Sim or Discord. The message, rather than friendly, brought a special surprise: RACISM and XENOPHOBIA, and yes, we need to talk about it a lot.

Follow the message:

I hid the person who sent this private message INGAME because this article is not a complaint and the person has already been reported (Waiting GOs to be strict with him just as they were when I posted shout with "vulgarities" ).

When they carry out movements against immigrants in the USA, our immediate thought is to combat racism and xenophobia. When they want to bar immigrants in Europe, we also seek to fight against racism and xenophobia. Now, how can someone distill hate in private messages with gratuitous offenses in a browser game ??

Regardless of the situation, we are all brothers, we are human, and our history and our societies were built on cooperation. There was no empire or country that was forged by racist principles and was successful. We need to discuss racism and xenophobia to counter preconception.

I take this article to clarify some points:
-Brazilians eat hundreds of times more rice and beans than bananas. I do not even remember when I last ate bananas.
- Our cities are concrete, grass, tall buildings and heavy traffic, and even the cities of the interior are far from remembering a "jungle".
-The carnival culture of Rio de Janeiro does not apply even to 50% of Brazil.
- Our jungles and forests, which are being reduced each year, are concentrated mainly in the northern region of our country, in the Amazon.

With this information, I take the opportunity to offer culture and a little knowledge about Brazil, to combat prejudice.

Thank you!!



Olá a todos!! Ontem, recebi uma mensagem de uma pessoa que nunca havia conversado antes, seja via IRC, E-Sim ou Discord. A mensagem, ao invés de amistosa, trouxe uma surpresa especial: O RACISMO e a XENOFOBIA e sim, precisamos conversar muito sobre isso.

Segue a mensagem:

Tradução: Eu vou te dar uma volta de banana nas selvas brasileiras.

Eu ocultei a pessoa que enviou esta mensagem privada INGAME pois este artigo não se trata de uma denúncia e a pessoa ja foi reportada(AGUARDANDO OS GOs serem rigorosos com ele igual foram quando postei shout com "vulgaridades".

Quando realizam movimentos contra imigrantes nos EUA, nosso pensamento imediato é de combate ao racismo e a Xenofobia. Quando querem realizar barreiras contra imigrantes na europa, também buscamos lutar contra o racismo e a Xenofobia. Agora, como é possível alguém destilar ódio em mensagens privadas com ofensas gratuitas em um joguinho de navegador??

Independente da situação, todos somos irmãos, somos humanos e nossa história e nossas sociedades foram construídas com base na cooperação. Não existe 1 império ou país que tenha sido forjado por princípios racistas e que obteve sucesso. Precisamos discutir o racismo e a xenofobia, para combater o preconceito.

Aproveito este artigo para esclarecer alguns pontos:
-Brasileiros comem centenas de vezes mais arroz e feijão do que banana, alias nem me lembro quando foi a última vez que comi banana.
-Nossas cidades são de concreto, grama, prédios altos e trânsito pesado e, mesmo as cidades do interior, estão muito distantes de lembrar uma "selva".
-A cultura do carnaval, do Rio de Janeiro, não se aplica nem mesmo a 50% do Brasil.
-Nossas selvas e florestas, que estão sendo reduzidas a cada ano, se concentram basicamente na região norte de nosso país, na amazônia.

Com essas informações, aproveito para oferecer cultura e um pouco de conhecimento sobre o Brasil, para combater o preconceito.



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Comments (28)
22-11-2017 9:26:19
(1 year ago)

Our jungles and forests, which are being reduced each year, are concentrated mainly in the northern region of our country, in the Amazon.
You see, because of you calling him a monkey, now he cuts the forest and we will die !!!
Stop the hate, stop the saw!
Stop the hate, stop the saw!

22-11-2017 8:48:52
(1 year ago)

Indeed, a hard joke on you, calling you a monkey. But what? You support the Arabian fascism and his followers and have the guts to play the racist card?
You support Islamic migration and the spread of Islam?
You should be in jail, not banned by admins!
We need a e-sim jail!

21-11-2017 21:16:40
(1 year ago)

hecker15 , there's times when it's fully reasonable to cry wolf. This is not one of those times. Why? Because it's one message from an anonymous user, prolly new troll profile. The message doesn't include any threat or any other aggressive language. The message itself is aggressive, it plays on xenophobia and racism. The message stands alone, thus have no bearing.
Howsevvah, by labeling any communication which so much as plays on racism, regardless of underlying thought, we are degrading the word and its meaning.
Racism and xenophobia are serious issues and should not be grouped together with trifling things such as these.

Yes, we have some of the best education in the world. We are often seen as some of the most progressive societies, in a selected few areas the absolute top. It shine upon our insight into this problem.

21-11-2017 20:37:53
(1 year ago)


21-11-2017 11:56:00
(1 year ago)

wellytom12 thanks for not beeing as dumb as the others in the comments.
The rest of you can fck off. Why are you behaving like this? Do you not get a proper education? Is it so hard to not be a racist? We are all humans and there is no difference between us except the skin colour. Btw. Eldkraft and alakai i thought your countrys had one of the best education in europe... so where is it? I am butthurt i know... but the attitude in this game is annoying me.

21-11-2017 10:41:09
(1 year ago)

welcome to the real world kid. hope you enjoy your stay

21-11-2017 9:23:50
(1 year ago)

Racism, racism-everywhere

21-11-2017 5:17:16
(1 year ago)

Were you insult him before message?

21-11-2017 0:38:50
(1 year ago)

Thicken your skinn, one new anonymous profile shouldn't get to you.
If you react he got what he sought after and it opens up to more of this type of behaviour.

If I reacted everytime I got called a cis, svenne or whitey I would be busy.
Just block, ignore, forget and the problem won't spread. Let the problem end with that message.

20-11-2017 22:54:54
(1 year ago)


Brazilians being related to monkeys just because of our skin tone and flora, as a way to offend us, is YES a form of racism and this happens quite often as seen here , here and here .

I'm shocked about how many people are defending this guy and putting MEDICO as the "overreacted" one. It seems the problem is bigger than I thought.

20-11-2017 21:59:01
(1 year ago)

I thought the swedes was the only country that had butchered the meaning of racism. Kinda sad that I was wrong.

Swedish Racism: Some person got their feelings hurt and now need a safe place to cry and exploit the social "safe-net", paid with taxes, for 6months. The person is in most cases a total retard, BUT his/hers great great great grandfather was 1/7½ blackanese so therefore can call out the race-card.

20-11-2017 21:31:31
(1 year ago)

Cuck alert

20-11-2017 21:06:45
(1 year ago)

stop trolling dude

20-11-2017 20:25:56
(1 year ago)

I see nothing wrong with the comment the guy sent you. Bananas are cool are easy to peel. Mmmm that peelin feelin.

20-11-2017 20:23:00
(1 year ago)

are u gay?

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