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Brainstorm Ideas. (Political)
Posted 2 years ago by

Here are some of the Best ideas from today brainstorm meeting:

1.Bringing back premium account for gold.

2.Adding confirmation button when making split.

3.Removing NPCs from all servers.

4.Adding daily tasks.

5.Starting to count only 200+ xp referrals in first CP elections (only for temporary servers).

6.Merging all permament servers into one.

7.Adding new permanent server.

8.Each new temporary server has randomly selected alliances.

9.Limiting raws output in high regions, so people will have to move their companies to other regions (that will start more wars and so on).

10. Adding more leagues at the start of temporary servers.

11.Giving random country to player when he registers in temporary server (so that all countries would have same amount of citizens).

12. Adding specific badges for every temporary server (for example, „Winner of Terra server&ldquo.

13.Adding more equipment slots (for example, belt or ring).

14.Make less temporary servers (1-2 at the same time, not 3).

15.Adding more random events for a specific country, like earthquakes or floods, which will result in lower productivity or damage to its citizens.

16.„Mix settings on every new server. Instead of we having always the same things, you could make new things for the new servers. Dunno exactly what, but its something to think. I take this idea from the game Path of Exiles (POE) that also have temp servers and all new temp is funny cuz they are never equal to the last one“ (quote of idea).

17.Adding fictional maps to temporary servers.

18.Limiting the rewards for goldbuyers in temporary servers.

19.Make double productivity in temporary servers (+ removing NPCs).

Link to whole discord conversation.

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